Do you know what type of wig is the most popular recently? If you like to pursue beauty and fashion, maybe you will hear the word pre-cut lace from many fashionistas and Internet celebrities. Yes, the search volume of pre-cut lace wigs on Google has risen rapidly recently, and the popularity is not low. Because this new creative pre-cut lace wig is different from the conventional lace wig, it provides great convenience for people, saves a lot of time, and you can wear it and go. Below we will give you a detailed introduction to this product and how to install it well.

1. The Pre-Cut Lace Wig Introduction From Popular Fashionista

Here's a look at how the popular fashionista wears the pre-cut lace closure wear-and-go wig, and she tells us everything from unboxing to using the pre-cut human hair The real feeling of the wig, and the advantages of this wig. Don't miss it.

Hey, guys, today's gonna be a super beginner-friendly install, courtesy of Nadula. Today we will install this beautiful curly closure lace wig, what's so special is pre-cut, so you don't have to cut the lace off at all. When I take out the box and you'll see in just a moment the lace is already cut off. She's already set as a center part so it's literally when those ones just take it out of the box, put it on, and go. Of course, I'm gonna give you a little bit of finesse. I'm gonna show you how I got from the box to this point, but I do love the fact that this is going to be the epitome of beginner friendly for those of us who just don't want to put in the work or just are a little bit less experienced with installing wigs.

And then even better the second great thing about this one is that we are rocking her glueless, so not only did it not come with extra lace for us to cut, it also came with the lace to fit our heads like a glove. So we are going for a glueless install today.

2. How to Install Pre-Cut Lace Closure Wear-And-Go Jerry Curly Wig Well?

Let's jump right into the installation. This is from Nadula and she is a pre-cut lace closure wig, as you guys can see, pre-cut literally means no extra lace, you don't have to cut anything off. The cap is breathable, the texture is very curly, she's absolutely gorgeous and you've already seen in the intro that this is going to be so fire.

Install Easily- No Lace to Cut, Glueless, Breathable

Now, I'm going to start off by prepping the wig, I'm just going to take a foundation powder the same one that I typically use along the hairline in all my tutorials, and I'm just going to buff this inside the lace, this is going to help the lace to warm up and match my complexion that way, there's less to do. I'm still gonna just a little extra at the end, but it's always great to prep your wigs. This one also came with an adjustable elastic band, for a little bit of extra support, I apply that first and then I put the rest of the wig on. This is what she looks like. So the first thing you can notice is that she fits, is glueless, doesn't have to install, and the install literally is already done. Now you can obviously see that the lace is super warm and that's because I buffed an excess amount of the foundation powder in the lace, but you guys will see me kind of like rub that away as I install or style the wig. This is what she looks like from the bag, I love the curl pattern on this one, the Jerry Curl looks absolutely gorgeous and it's kind of been my favorite over just regular curly lately. Here in flexing to show you that she fits, glueless. There is a little piece on the side that kind of was sticking up, so I went ahead and cut that off, and that helped the wig to remain glueless without any bulk.

Pre_Cut Lace wear and go wig

As far as the specs on the wig, this one is a 6x4 and a half closure lace wig, and the density is 180%, you can always get this as a 4x4 closure wig with 180% density or you can get it as a 4x4 closure with 150 density If you want it a little bit more thin and natural.

I'm not going for natural at all, here I am using the dynamic duo, I'm just using a black stick and as you guys can see, as I've added that product all of that extra powder that was along the hairline, that brown powder is literally disappearing right before your eyes, so don't get nervous if you like to get powder or anything on there, as you go ahead and style and you know customize your wig. it literally would just go away, I am making sure that the hairline as well as the parting looks super flat, I don't like bulk in my parting or the hairline just because it to me gives more of a wiggy-like bulky effect in the end, although it's glueless, I did opt for a little bit of baby hair, I thought it would be super complementary to the curls in this one. And I am going to use the edge control to set these off, separated like a nice amount of the hair along the front, keeping it kind of thin, then also couldn't get super short, I did not have to go in and like customize or tweeze anything out and again. The wig is not bonded down, so as I'm adding this product, there is no adhesion or no stickiness to my edge control, so it's not gonna to bond the hair down or anything like that.

Forming the baby hair next. I'm going to do like the melting method with the mousse, I'm just adding a generous amount of mousse along the hairline before I go ahead and add the melt belt. Here I am just saturating the hair and then combing it out, I like to do a good detangle, just to make sure that like there are no kinks. This is what it looks like when it's combed out with just water on one side, and just in its natural state a little bit damp on the opposite. I'm going to comb out the opposite side as well and it's nice, big, and fluffy, I love the look of the fluffy, so this is definitely one way to style the hair throughout your journey with your unit. Don't just wear it in one way, try to find ways to wear it in multiple ways throughout day to day. This wig comes in length 14 through 26, so you can get it shorter or longer, you can see all the details on


My favorite two things about this one: number one is glueless install fits like a glove and we don't have to bond anything down. Number two is that it came pre-cut and that's always going to make it easier, it did already come set as a center part and I do love that for me. You'll definitely like to bring it home and make it just look more melted and you see how amazing that looks.