There is good news here. Nadula launched a new hair color wig in early 2023, purple ombre lace front wig. This also means that purple hair will have a place in the popular hair color trend in 2023. If you want to try out the new hair color of 2023, then this purple ombre hair is the best choice.

Nadula Purple Colored Ombre Wig Body Wave

Next, let's take a look at how this Internet celebrity evaluates and how to install the purple ombre lace front wig.

1. The Review of Nadula Purple Ombre Lace Front Wig from A Internet Celebrity

Hi, beautiful, you know who it is? It's me. Today's wig comes from Nadula. Purple, it's purple ombre, it's like it has dark roots. Here's the job I did on it. I did bleach and plug these knots as I always do to the tea. If you will I might talk during the installation.

I just want to do this little style, today I wanted my little spin on it, I want to see how I do, because she has been doing the cool funky hairstyles with her in the orange hair girl showed them, they look to do well, they do their thing. I gotta put on my necklace, I've got earrings, a necklace, bracelet, and wig on now. This is what the unit is looking like after I did go ahead and blunt chop the ends of the hair. I'm not sure how long this unit is, but it's given like 24 or 26.

2.How to Install The Purple Ombre Lace Front Wig Step by Step?

The Internet celebrity also showed the audience the installation steps of the purple lace wig in detail. Let's take a look at how she installed it.

1. Do The Layers of Even Spray And Cut The Access Lace

Cut The Access Lace

Let's get to installing, I'm doing this to glue this way, I'm gonna already got two layers of even spray already down, and now I'm gonna do my third layer. But first, let's get these ear tabs and cut this lace into three parts. Love it. When a wig fit, I can just go ahead and pop it right on, with no issues. Let's get this access lace out of here, I got a little bit of access later, I don't want in the front, so I'm just gonna follow naturally. Maybe this one doesn't need to be here, you know it just is a little too over-plugged sometimes for me in the front, so let's go ahead and finish this up.

2. Get Really Melted

Get Really Melted

Now that we're almost melted, it's time to get melted using the spray a little bit. I'm gonna spray it on the back of this and use it to outline my hairline wear spray. Everything is melted. I just had on the edge band, I took it off, and now here's what we're looking like, very melted, I'm very excited this is my base for my edgeless install, no adult hairs this time, I know you guys just heat them, but not this time.

3. Do a Zigzag Part

Do a Zigzag Part

I can't even express why I did the thing, but I guess I thought it would be a good idea to just do a zigzag part instead because for some reason I just wasn't like the bun. I was making, I did a few takes off camera just to see what it would look like. Let's do a Zigzag Park, and park in some layers, that would be nice, I don't know why my brain thought that was nice, but this is that part they come in handy later. I did try to see if I pull some pieces out. Oh my God, let me get the scissors, I pull the scissors out, just doing, um regret the layers, but you know it came in handy later. I think it's gonna look good with the hairstyle, so basically all in all I was trying to do style.

4. Make a Plan And Do The Chic Hairstyle

do ponytails

Now I have more of a plan and what I'm gonna do, so now let's commence into doing the plan. I think I spent two days trying to figure out what style, I was gonna do and how I was gonna make it happen.

This time I had more of a plan, I had more of a vision. So I did pull out the bangs like my original plan was before, and then now I'm just grabbing a little bit more hair from the back, because the frontal doesn't go too far back, but I needed a little bit more hair to get that full look like to the back. So make it stay there, because if you don't get them tracks in the back, it's gonna bunch up in the front, it's not gonna be cute, so I got a few tracks from the back right close to the frontal to make this like a full complete look. Now I added a little bit of hairspray and I'm just using a comb, just really like detail, you know the size making sure every hair is in place. Just I don't know I'm here to do this one time and one time, only you all know how I get one. I gotta do my ponytails more than one time, so this was a one-time job, thankfully.

So that's how I got to the ponytails to stay flat in the back and the zigzag part also helped disguise a little bit of the fact. I'm a lot farther back than the frontal goes you know. So this is how I ended up getting the style together. I combed it through and I'm intentionally like I don't know what do I call that looping it around itself, and I'm just kind of like placing it, you see how I just pooped it on there. I kind of just placed it on there and then I used a rubber band to like hold it in place. I'm using rubber bands to like secure it and don't want it to be too structured.Then with the end pieces, I'll be putting them up in place and use my flat iron to just give it a little bump, and I was feeling it some of the hairs were a little too long, so I just did a light trim because I still want to use my hair. I got my little bang pieces, I cut them to where I wanted them to be. I just did my bangs, you know how I got to get my stuff to lay a certain way, so, of course, I'm gonna touch up with my hot comb.

3. Final Look And Summary of The Celebrity

Final Look

I'm really glad that you know, I just took some time away to figure out what I wanted to do and came back with a plan. It looked amazing. So shout out to me, I hope you all enjoyed me coming back with the revelation, and remember to take your time, and be nice to yourself, it's really important. So here is the final look, regardless if it's not exactly what I wanted, I still feel like making a cute style so if you like it be sure to leave me a comment, to leave me the emoji, I appreciate you. I'm so glad that being patient led me to get this outcoming style and I'm a fan, it keeps moving around though I have to keep readjusting, I like the messy look. I like the bang part, and I like the zigzag part, so I'm just a fan of how it came out and I'm so glad that this color looks perfect with this style. I'm gonna show you guys to get in and see like I want you guys to get in and see how nice the ombre purple is, look at that nice deep purple shade. Thank you so much. if you like this unit, be sure to click the link.

4. Conclusion

The above is a famous Internet celebrity's evaluation and installation tutorial on purple ombre lace front wigs. In addition, she also showed us a very beautiful and unique gradient purple hairstyle through her creativity. If you are deeply attracted by this beautiful purple hair or have more hairstyle ideas about this wig, go to to buy your favorite hair, it is worth buying.