The new summer season has come, have you considered a new wig? What kind of new wig color do you want? Ombre and Balayage are two very popular hair colors. then do you know the specific difference between Balayage and Ombre? If the answer is No, never mind. Because you are not alone. Today, we will introduce the difference between the two colors in this blog to help you clarify the difference and decide which one to choose.

What Is Ombre?

The word “ombre” originates from the French word “ombré”, which means “shade” or “shadow.” Ombre hair refers to a hair coloring technique, which creates a dip-dyed effect of the hair in a seamless gradient from darker hair roots to lighter hair ends. This is a dramatic and two-tone hair color effect and gives a sunkissed effect. Of course, you can change the color of the darker shade at the top and the lighter shade at the bottom. For example, some girls prefer the opposite effect, which is called reverse ombre!

ombre hair

What Is Balayage?

Balayage, from the French verb balayerthat means to sweep, is a technique that can be used to create different effects. With this technique, the color is hand-painted or swepton the surface of random sections of hair, which creates a graduated and natural effect. And Balayage allows the transitions between dark and light colors to be much longer and more natural-looking than stripy highlights. Balayage hair wigs are suitable for all skin tones, hair colors, and textures, making them universally flattering on nearly everyone.  

balayage hair wig

Balayage Vs Ombre Hair Wig, What Is The Difference?

Many people are confused about the differences between Balayage and Ombre hair color, they have indeed many similarities, while there is difference between them. We will list the difference and similarities in the following.

1. Balayage vs Ombre Color Technique

In fact, balayage refers to a technique for applying color and ombre is more of a style or effect. Ombre is typically done with sections taken horizontally and the lightener is applied to all the hair and then blended upward to diffuse the line. Balayage is a highlighting technique that doesn't use foils. The color is hand-painted or swepton the surface of random sections of hair to create highlights with a sun-kissed effect. The color placement in the ombre is horizontal, whereas in balayage it is vertical.  

2. Balayage vs Ombre Wig Price

Take Nadula wigs as an example, we choose the same length of 20 inches and the construction of lace frontal wigs, the prices of balayage and ombre wigs are very close, that is about 260 dollars. And the glueless V part wigs are both about 200 dollars. Of course, the wigs with shorter lengths have a lower price.

3. Balayage vs Ombre Wig Maintainance

The good news is both wigs are in a pretty low-maintenance routine. Because the color placement is not strict but done in gradual or sweeping placement. They just need to be simply washed at least once or twice a week. Please use a sulfate-free conditioner and shampoo on the hair wig and leave it for three to five minutes before rinsing it. Never use lukewarm water instead of hot water because it can damage the hair.

balayage vs ombre

Which Is Better, Ombre Or Balayage?

According to the content above, I believe you have known the main difference between them, that is, the color technique. Both are suitable for all women with different skin tones and can complement their natural complexion. Then, which is better for you? Here is some advice for you.

If you want to make a bold statement or get creative with your hair color, go for ombre. The gorgeous two-tone effect looks most awesome on medium-to-long hair. If you prefer a natural and sun-kissed highlight effect, balayage will give your locks the sexy and shimmering dimension you crave. You can decide which one to choose according to your preference.  

How can I Make My Ombre Hair Or Balayage Wig Last?

Keeping your wig protected is vital for maintaining the color. After a long time, you may find your wig is not as sleek and shining as the new one without condition. Here are some tips to keep your wig feeling and looking healthy.

Gently bathe the wig, leaving your wig color shiny; conditioning your wig with exclusive products for wigs, to protect and strengthen the hair strands; extending color vibrancy and resulting in a wig that’s supple, conditioned, and soft to the touch. It’s also a good idea to protect your wig from too much exposure to UV light, from chlorine or salt water, and from frequent, direct contact with heat tools—all of which can alter your hue or cause premature fading.


A sentence to clarify the basic difference is that the balayage is a technique and ombre is a hair coloring effect. Balayage and ombre have been a girl's favorite for several seasons. They can offer the possibility of achieving your dream gorgeous hair look. If you have never tried either of them, this summer is the best time to get a new balayage or ombre hair wig and refresh your hair look.