Are you tired of the same braid hairstyle? Come check it out, Passionate twists are here to save you! If you have natural hair, like protective hairstyles, and want to keep your hair safe from damage throughout the season, then you can choose the passionate hairstyle, which is one of the most popular protective hairstyles, natural and easy to style, which has become very popular in recent years. Read on to learn more about Passion Twists.

1. What Are Passion Twists?

The Passion Twist was created by Miami-based hairstylist Kailyn Rogers, also known as The Boho Babe. After receiving a request from a client for a hairstyle, the stylist tries to create a new hairstyle and a twist of passion is born. When Rogers posted this photo with boho twists, the bohemian look went viral on Instagram and gained more and more likes. This new protective style she created with a passionate twist has taken the braid world by storm. Not only do they embrace the beautiful bohemian look, but after braiding your hair, they make it easy to protect your natural hair while maintaining a beautiful look. Combine goddess hair with a Senegalese twist and you get this boho chic protective hairstyle, which is perfect for maintaining your natural curls.

passion twists

2. Passionate Twists vs. Senegalese Twists

The type of hair extensions you choose can play a part in achieving the sleek look of a passionate twist. To achieve the look of passionate twists, use water wave braids for better results, a more natural texture, and a more effortless boho vibe. Hair used for passionate twists has a looser curl pattern with more texture. Hair extensions can choose synthetic hair or human hair. Light water-wavy curls are also less compact, and while they may look a little messy, they will liven up your look and make it easier to achieve a textured, silky look.

passion twists water wave hair

The Passion Twist is very similar to the Senegalese Twist, with one twist: the passion twist is installed with curls, which can be wave or corkscrew curls, and the curls create a looser, voluminous twist. The Senegalese twists use ordinary braids, and the twist braids are very tight. This is also the only difference between Passion Twist and Senegal Twist.

Loose curls are the secret to recreating a beautiful boho style. Nowadays, passionate twists and turns have occupied most social media resources, and it is also a more prominent chic style. If you're tired of your natural hairstyles, passion twists are a fun, easy way to change up your look. This hairstyle is especially useful if you want to grow out your hair or transition to natural hair. Plus you can recreate the look with ombré extensions for even more dimension.

bohemian passion twists

3. How To Style Bohemian Passion Twists?

With a little patience and practice, you can easily recreate the two-strand twist hairstyle at home and create short, medium, or long hairstyles, or you can recreate the look in the salon. If you want to DIY your own Passion Twists style, you just need to remember these simple steps, and you can achieve gorgeous twist hairstyles.

First make sure you have the supplies you need to install passion twists before you start: clips to separate the hair, a tail comb, and your desired wave braid hair extensions. Depending on how full you want your passionate twists to look, you may need 7 to 10 packs of hair. After you have prepared the required supplies, you can refer to some tutorials on Youtube to master the process and ensure a smoother process.

Step 1: Prep your natural hair by washing it and moisturizing it with conditioner before starting the installation process. Let your hair air dry, or blow dry your hair slightly. Leave your hair slightly wavy or curly, as Remy hair extensions grip your natural hair well and blend seamlessly with it during installation. Passionate twists are best for any textured hair.

Step 2: Divide hair into desired sections and secure with clips. Next, you can start braiding your hair as you would a normal braid (or you can also use the crochet method, but crochet braids can limit your styling options once you're done styling), twisting your hair with extensions of natural hair. Apply the edge control gel on your fingertips to the area where your braided hair meets your natural hair to hold it in place. Keep twisting the strands in the direction of the curl, the twist may not be perfect, but with practice, the twist will definitely get better, it just takes a little patience on your part.

Step 3: Firms hair roots. The secret to success is fixing the hair, so make sure to fix the roots at the end so you don't damage your natural hair in the process. The key is to pin the hair close to the roots so that the hair extensions have a base and can wrap around your hair, which also ensures that your passionate twists will stay in place.


While it might take some practice to recreate the look, once you've done it, you'll enjoy the value it gives you later - faster, cheaper, and less time-consuming. You can color them just like you would your braids, braiding them into short, mid-length, and long hair in less time. They can also protect your natural hair from damage or help you repair damaged hair. Bohemian Passion Twists also provides you with the latest trending hairstyles to help you top the trend list.