What is hd lace wig? What is a 5x5 hd lace closure wig? Why did we choose a 5x5 hd lace closure wig? This series of questions have been nagging at you, and since 5x5 hd lace closure wigs are still a relatively new technology, many girls are still unsure if they should actually try one. Arnell, a huge TikTok influencer, has posted a 5x5 lace closure wig installation video on YouTube, so let's check it out!

How to install a curly lace closure wig?

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel, I'm Arnell, and in today's video, we'll be doing a curly lace closure wig install. So let's get into this wig, this wig is from nadula hair.

1. Check that the wig is in good condition

How to install a curly lace closure wig?

The curly lace closure wig is fine inside the box, actually, the wig comes in this bag and with this tissue, but I took the wig out, so I could bleach the knots. You will have to bleach the knots, and these knots don't come pre-bleached.

hd curly lace closure wig

This is a 24 inches HD glueless wig. In the box, you get two wig caps, and a band to melt the lace which we will use. There are lashes and a brush, and they also sent me this necklace. Now here's the wig, it's still wet because obviously, I bleach the knot, so I had to wet it, but here are the curls, they're really soft, here's the lace as you can see. I bleached the knots, but I didn't thoroughly wash some of the bleach off. So let's do this.

2. Try on a wig and part the wig in the middle

Try on a wig and part the wig in the middle

I am going to do this curly lace closure wig in the middle part, anytime I get a closure wig I typically do a middle part, anyways so I'm going to part my hair down the middle. My hair is freshly washed, so to slip back my edges, I'm gonna just use this gel. When I do a 5x5 hd lace closure wig, I don't do ball caps. It's pointless. Anytime I do a closure wig, especially if the color matches my natural hair color, I'll pull some out from the side in order for it to look more natural.
Now, I'm just going to cut the clips off on this side, I feel like it makes it lay flatter. Let's try on the wig. While it's on my head right now, while it's still wet and easy to work with, I'm going to part it. I will take the wig off now and now we'll do our glue.

3. Apply the glue on my hairline and wear the hd wig

Apply the glue on my hairline and wear the hd wig

I will clean my forehead with some alcohol, and set the glue with a stick. Make sure it's really clean. I'm going to take the glue onto my hairline with the stick, and let this dry and then I'm going to apply a second layer. I always do two layers, when both layers of the glue dry so now it's time to put the 5x5 hd lace closure wig on. let's place it down to add a little more glue, and try not to get little hairs underneath.

4. Cut the side pieces and make baby hair

Cut the side pieces and make baby hair

In this part, I need to cut these side pieces. Before cutting the side pieces, I'm going to press them down on the glue that's already there and see how much more glue I need to add. I have these mini sticks to apply glue to my hd lace.
I'm going to plug the part that's going to bring everything together that looks pretty good. The part these curls are so soft, you guys see how easy it is for me to rub to run the comb through it, so now we get to cut the lace. As you can see I changed the angle at which I'm cutting it because I could tell that if I would have kept cutting it from the side it would have cut off too much lace. To play it safe, I'm going to just get scissors to cut the lace.

cut the lace

I see a little bit of extra glue sticking out, so I'm going to take my tweezer as fast as I can without plugging my skin pluck. Also, I will pluck the front hair a little bit with my tweezers. When I was plucking, I ended up just doing my baby hairs. Now, I used this spray to kind of push the hair back, because I feel like it looks natural.

5. Decorate my hd lace closure wig

Decorate my hd lace closure wig

I'm going to put some foam in it because I don't want to get poofy. I like the wet look. Now the only thing I have to do is pull out some of the hair on the side, just enough to kind of go over it do a little soup right there, and use this spray right here because, with closure wigs, they'll have that part where you could see where it stops so that helps it. Last but not least, I have a concealer, I will apply the concealer in the middle part line.

Conclusion of Arnell

I'm definitely wearing the 5x5 hd lace closure wig when I go out of town. I love it I'm gonna keep this on because the 5x5 hd lace closure wig doesn't even hurt my head, it's comfortable, and she's great. Thank you to nadula hair for sending me this wig. I had no issues with it at all, whatsoever the only thing I would say is that you have to bleach your own knots, it does not come pre-bleached and you have to pluck a little bit. I feel like it was really easy to install, I kind of like how long it is, the 5x5 hd lace closure wig just looks really cute.