Now wigs are becoming more and more popular, and it has been integrated into people's lives and has become an inseparable part of people's lives. With the introduction of various wigs in the market today, consumers are paying more and more attention to the quality, price, and type of wigs, and want to know more about wigs.

In this blog, we'll walk you through some must-have basics and discuss the difference between raw hair and virgin hair.

1. What Is Raw Hair?

Raw hair refers to 100% untreated human hair. This means that it has never undergone any processing, chemical treatment, heating, or steam treatment. The hair is usually directly from a single donor. With the increasing demand for raw hair production, the market needs a large number of raw hair products, and it becomes increasingly difficult to provide hair by a single donor. Hair production may also mean multiple donors, as long as the hair has not undergone any treatment.

Raw hair is the best quality, purest, and most natural hair form on the market. After cleaning, disinfecting, and conditioning, they are sold to end users as wigs, hair extensions, hair bundles, weft, hairpieces, and many other forms of hair. Raw hair looks very natural, the hair bundle is fuller, and it can be well integrated with your hair, which can last for 5 years under proper care. Another thing you need to know is that hair is virgin hair, but not all virgin hair is hair.

raw hair

2. What Is Virgin Hair?

The real definition of virgin hair is 100% natural human hair without synthetic fibers. All hair cuticles are intact and move in the same direction. Virgin hair is also hair without chemical treatment, modification, or change of dyeing, perm, bleach, or irritant chemicals. However, virgin hair is evaporated to create a more uniform curly or wavy pattern, giving the hair texture, including adjusting the cuticle. The steam process is often used to obtain texture, such as deep wave, loose wave, kinky straight, jerry curly, water wave, etc.


3. Raw Hair Vs. Virgin Hair - What Is The Difference?

1. The Generation Of Hair Texture Is Different. The raw hair texture is naturally generated and has not been changed. There are usually three types of raw hair: straight, wavy, and curly, which are the same as those collected from donors. The virgin hair is a different texture pattern after steam treatment, which can imitate the hairstyle of people in specific areas. In addition, virgin hair bundles look the same as each other, which makes knitting or wigs effortless.

2. Raw Hair And Virgin Hair Need Different Maintenance. Because raw hair has not undergone any cooking, processing, or chemical changes, just like human hair grows from the scalp. So the raw hair is usually not so silky, and the texture is coarser. It needs a lot of moisturizing and care, and also needs more care and love. And virgin hair is usually silky, shinier than raw hair, and easier to maintain.

3. The Production Time Is Different. The quantity of raw hair is limited. You may have to wait a long time to receive it. And virgin hair is sufficient, you can receive it in time.

4. The Sources Of Raw Hair And Virgin Hair. Are Different. Raw hair is usually produced in one or three places, such as Cambodia, India, and Vietnam. The virgin hair usually comes from Brazil, Malaysia, Peru, etc.

5. The Texture Of Raw Hair And Virgin Hair Is Different. There are only three textures raw hair, straight hair, and natural waves or curly. Virgin hair has a variety of textures, such as kinky curly, body wave, deep wave, jerry curly, loose wave, etc.

6. Different Prices. Hair is usually of better quality, but it is more expensive and requires more investment and maintenance. It can last for 5 years or longer under good care. The starting price of a shorter hair bundle is at least $180. According to different sellers and different lengths, the price will rise. The quality of virgin hair is also very high, second only to raw hair But virgin hair is relatively cheaper and easier to maintain. If you want more textured hair, such as curly curls or even deep waves, virgin hair is very suitable for you.

4. Conclusion

The above is the explanation of this blog about raw hair and virgin hair. I believe that after you read it, you will be able to answer your confusion about raw hair and virgin hair, and you will also know the difference between them. Follow us to help you understand more hair knowledge and fashion information.