Finger waves were developed in the 1920s. It is interesting to note that the retro style is back as the new look in fashion 100 years later. Many celebrities have opted for finger waves. There are many finger wave hairstyles, such as finger waves, long hair, finger waves, short hair, natural hair finger waves, and so on. Let's get to know finger waves!

1. What Are Finger Waves?

Step-By-Step Tutorial For Finger Waves

Finger Waves are a method of curling hair into waves (curls). Finger waves are shaped or molded into "S" shaped bends and undulations when the hair is wet with fingers and a comb. These waves, when left undisturbed and dry, turn into deep waves.

Shaping finger waves do not require a heated flat iron. They can be shaped on naturally curly or permanently curly hair and straight hair with equal success.

Finger waves appear similar to Marcel waves and can be easily confused. Unlike finger waves, Marcel waves are made with a hot curling iron and last longer than finger waves.

2. Products To Be Used

Successfully styling the perfect finger wave requires the right set of products and tools. The good news is that you probably already have a few items in your hair products. If you don't have any of the tools below, you must purchase them yourself.

You will want to remove any existing product from your hair without leaving your hair looking or feeling dry, so use a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo. Prioritize shampoos and conditioners that help replenish moisture. High-quality products without interfering with your hair's natural oils.

Detangling your strands properly is essential for smooth and flowing waves, so prepare your hair with conditioner or combing cream to help remove any knots before you style. Follow with a lightweight leave-in conditioner. Once you get to the styling step, prepare the following finger wave products.

Rat-tail comb

Mousse and hairspray

Metal duckbill

Hair dryer

3. Step-By-Step Tutorial For Finger Waves

Wet Your Hair

Finger waves are best placed on freshly washed hair. The water saturation of a fresh wash will help you manipulate your hair more easily. If you find that your hair is drying out, add more water. This will make it easier to set your hair!

Use The Right Products

After completely saturating your hair with water, you must use a combination of mousse and hairspray. The mousse will moisturize your hair and create a soft hold, while the gel will act as a heavy-duty hold to keep the style in place.

Separate Your Hair

Now that you've applied the right products, it's time to install finger waves. You'll need a fine-tooth rattail comb to shape your hair into the perfect wave. Before you begin, choose where you want to separate your hair. Once you have separated your hair, you can start placing your finger waves.

Design Your Hair

Place your fingers on the hair close to the section. In a continuous motion, use a rattail comb to pull the hair forward and then backward to create a wave or "C" shape. Continue styling the hair by moving your fingers to hold the wave in place while moving the hair down to place the wave in the opposite direction.

This hair should resemble an "S" shape. Repeat this process until any number of finger waves are created, then carefully place duckbill clips between the waves to hold the hair in place.

Styling With A Hair Dryer

Now that you have finished placing your finger waves, you need to style them. Using a hair dryer with a hood, heat the hair on high to dry and successfully set the style. Once completely dry, the hair should be shiny and stay in place.

4. Outstanding Finger Waves Hairstyles

Purple Finger Waves

Purple Finger Waves

Finger waves look fresher in short hair. Since women are soft at heart, they prefer shades that reflect a sense of calm and freshness. Purple shades create a vintage atmosphere. The combination of purple color and finger waves makes a vintage atmosphere to the extreme. With the right makeup, this hairstyle will give you a feminine touch.

Natural Hair Finger Waves


Generally speaking, short hair brings no high sexiness. But short finger waves will make you sexy and have a feminine smell. Natural hair can match your skin tone better.

Finger Waves Long Hair

Finger Waves Long Hair

If you want to adopt something new for your style, this Finger Waves Long Hair may be the best choice. Colored hair will make you look more youthful and full of personality. If you don't like color, you can go for brown, black, etc. This finger-wavy hairstyle has very voluminous hair. You can also choose this hairstyle for regular events.

5. Conclusion

After reading this blog, I am sure you have the first idea about Finger Waves. finger waves are a hairstyle worth trying. It's gorgeous, sexy, and glamorous! Give it a try!

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