Although the hair wave industry has grown in recent years, some designs remain distinctive and popular. Finger Wave is one of the older forms that are still popular around the world. A finger wave is a method of curling hair that was popular in North America and Europe in the 1920s and early 1930s, and then again in the late 1990s.

The original popularity of finger waves is linked to silver screen actresses like Josephine Baker and Bette Davis. The style was popularized by pop musicians like Madonna and Hip Hop stars like Missy Elliott when it resurfaced in the 1990s. The popularity of finger waves in the 1990s was encouraged by an African-American trend toward shorter, more natural hair. African American finger wave hairstyles are very famous even in this modern era. 

finger wave wig

History of Finger Wave

 The "S" shape wave was created by pinching the hair between the fingers and combing it in alternate directions. The hair was treated with a waving lotion to help it keep its shape. Traditionally, karaya gum was used to make the lotion, although more current fashions frequently incorporate liquid styling gels or hairspray. Clips (and eventually tape) became used over time to hold the heavy moist waves in place while the gel dried. "Techniques of the 1920s and 1930s" states: 

In the 1920s, finger waves were created to add style to bobbed hairstyles that were quite popular during the flapper era, as well as to soften the rigid aspect of the bobbed haircuts. The popularity and advancement of this style were aided by the fact that many Hollywood movie stars wore the latest finger waves.

FINGER WAVING is the process of using fingers and a comb to mold or mold wet hair into "s"-shaped curving undulations. When these waves have dried completely without being disturbed, they will form deep waves. There are no heated irons used on the hair with finger waving, unlike marcel waving. Finger weaving is not only effective on naturally curly or permanently waved hair, but it is also effective on straight hair.

Differences from other styles

 The look of finger waves is similar to that of the marcel wave, and they are commonly misunderstood. The marcel wave, unlike finger waves, is created with a hot curling iron and is more permanent. The crokinole method of curling hair to create a permanent wave is another hairstyle that is frequently confused with finger waves.

The hair is curled using heated curlers and then molded into the desired shape in this procedure. Because of the popularity of the hairstyle, Paul Compan created an updated comb for hairdressers to make the waves more effective. When wearing finger waves casually, it's typical to brush out the waves to soften the look. The waves are left in their original shape for a more dramatic effect.

Finger wave wig

The finger wave wig is a machine-made wig that is worn by many women when they do not want to commit to a particular style permanently. They can use the wig to have the style and change it whenever they want. Short finger wave wig is famous specifically finger wave short black hair is always appreciated by African American ladies. 

Nadula hair is offering finger wave wig human hair which is made up of real human hair and can be used for specific looks. Finger wave wig human hair lasts for long as compared to the synthetic hair wave. The best quality of finger wave hair is because of human hairs, as natural hairs have a specific natural strength. 

finger wave short wig

Short finger wave wig

Finger wave bob is the most famous among short finger weave wigs. This hairstyle works well with hair that is 2-4 inches long. Longer hair may be a little more difficult to curl into finger waves, but you may always try. Long finger wave wig is difficult to manage, the finger wave always suits on short hairs. 

short finger wave wig

Blonde finger wave wig

One of the greatest hairstyles Black women have used, over the years, to promote hair growth is the classic finger wave in blonde color. The blonde finger wave is most popular among all the finger waves as it is the most ancient style of finger wave. 

African American finger wave hairstyles

Finger wave wedding hairstyles

Wedding is always a special day and we would like to look gorgeous on such special occasions. There are several styles girls adopt on their wedding day but most of them would appreciate finger waves. Finger wave wedding hairstyles were popular in Europe and UK but got appreciation in the United States too. Hair can also be pushed up on the sides but left loose in the back. If your hair is particularly curly and can hold it, pin a couple of flowers in place. Soft waves or a loose, casual updo complement a spaghetti strap wedding gown beautifully. Keep hair down and wavy for a trendy, romantic style, but draw bangs back off the face.

finger wave wedding hairstyles

Finger wave hairstyles for black women

Finger wave hairstyles for black women are different in different parts of the world. There's something about a black woman's dazzling finger waves that appear so exquisite and pretty. Mastering the finger wave will leave you looking like a million bucks every time you leave the house, and we've come up with a few different finger wave hairstyles for inspiration.

Difference Between Finger Waves and 360 Wave

If you're seeking finger waves, you might come across the 360 waves hairstyle. Although there are some similarities between the two hairstyles, they are vastly different. The texture of a 360 wave differs from that of finger waves in that it has a ripple-like appearance. Instead of shaping the curls into an ‘S' shape while they are still damp, the person teaches their hair to lay flat by brushing and combing it repeatedly. The hair is flattened down to the scalp as a result, giving it its rippling structure.

Sleek Finger Waves for Short Hair

The most prevalent style of finger waves is incredibly short, leaving no room for styling. While incredibly short finger waves for black women are traditional and classy, leaving a little more length on your tresses when applying finger waves gives for additional depth and originality.

Finger Waves with 27 Piece Weave

Dousing your hair with a vivid tint like this is an easy way to give it a boost of taste. Bright orange, like neon pinks and reds, is a wonderful choice for complementing a black woman's darker skin tone. We recommend you to use color as much as possible because it makes your black women with finger waves hairdo fun and utterly distinctive to you and your style.

Classic Finger Waves

If you're seeking a short natural hairstyle for black women with a typical finger wave, this is it. The hair is just long enough to show off the classic ‘S' form of a finger wave ‘do, and the smoothness is obvious. This outfit is as cute as they come, and it looks fantastic on any black woman.

Short Pixie with Finger Waves

She's shaved her hair down to an exceptionally short pixie, but she still has a few locks to style. This Black women's finger waves are modern and adorable, the ideal combination for a beautiful woman. This style is not only elegant, but it's also simple to maintain and put together in a flash.

How to get a finger Wave?

There was another styling technique that reigned supreme long before beach waves and the current "bend" appeared on the scene: finger waves. But don't dismiss this look as "old news." Whether it's for a wedding, a special occasion, or even a Great Gatsby-themed party, the famous method will always be a salon constant. If you're anything like us, you'll recall the numerous hours you spent crafting these waves in Cosmetology school. It appeared to be quite monotonous, similar to geometry. However, there are times where knowing that A+B = C, as well as the proper manner to make a finger wave, is critical. Continue reading to learn how to finger wave and why this gorgeous trend isn't going away anytime soon.

Wet Method:

To obtain the famous look traditionally, wet hair is used.

  • Starting with wet hair, apply a gel-like lotion and comb it through. Label for mixing. m The combination of gel and souffle is ideal for achieving the desired consistency.
  •  Drag the hair forward and back with the comb to create an S-shape, then push the hair into place using your fingers and the back of a rat tail comb.
  •  Shape using a comb and exaggerate the shape between the fingers, starting at the front of the hairline and going back toward the crown and then down to the chin/nape.
  •  If you have longer hair, clip it in place while it dries to retain its shape, or keep reading to learn how to use hot tools instead.

What's the key to getting the perfect wave? To maximum hold, wet the hair with water and a gel or hairspray. Allowing the hair to completely dry is also necessary for the wave to set; otherwise, the shape would fall out.

Hot Method:

Use a curling iron – we love the Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Curling Iron & Wand 1" or even better, the new Sam Villa Professional Pro-Results Double-Waver – to accomplish this look. Place the barrel above and below each part after the hair has been smoothed dry, using a comb to create the dragging motion on the barrel. The only difference is the use of hot tools which help you to create a perfect finger wave.