A beautiful blowout is much necessary for your hair.No matter what hair type you have, a blow out is an excellent way to make you feel fabulous. You may not have the time or the budget to go to the salon every week for a good blow out, and attempting to use a round brush at home can intimidating.Now we are sharing the round brush blow dry techniques with Malaysian hair.

Blow Out Method For Malaysian Kinky Curly Hair

Blow drying kinky curly Malaysian hair is different than blow drying straight human hair or wavy because of the tight curl pattern and densely packed strands. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can dry the Malaysian hair curly before it even becomes straight, or cause breakage and pain.

The foundation and condition of your Malaysian virgin hair are essential when blow drying.

It’s important to ensure your Malaysian curly hair is freshly shampooed, conditioned, or hydrated with a hair mask before blow-drying to allow your hair to stretch without breaking.So choose the good quality shampoo and conditioner is essential.

This due has blends of moisturizing ingredients such as hydrolyzed proteins and plant extracts such as rosemary, soy protein, aloe leaf, sunflower oil, and more. Use these steps to suitably round brush your curly Malaysian hair.

Keep Your Malaysian Hair Weave Protected

All of the human hair products need to be protected, without exception of Malaysian human hair.

Apply a moisturizing heat protectant to your virgin Malaysian hair before styling, this can protect it to avoid being damaged.

Part your Malaysian hair into four quadrants or sections.

Start in the back, and part a small section shorter in width than your round brush. Place the round brush under the section. Turn your blow dryer on a medium heat setting and fast speed to blow dry without drying the hair out.

Pull upwards with the brush and follow the brush with your blow dryer. Be sure to always use a concentrator nozzle on your blow drying when round brushing. Remove all moisture from the hair before completing each section. Focus on drying the roots, the middle, and then the ends last.

You may see steam emerge from your Malaysian virgin hair; this is normal and is just the moisture drying and setting your hair.Make sure there is enough tension being created by the brush as the blow-dryer follows the brush down the length of your Malaysian hair bundles.The tension is what gets the human hair straight and smooth.

Certain hair textures may not keep completely straight, especially when blow-drying at home. If your hair does not come out entirely straight or sleek, this is perfectly fine, just use your flat iron to add a few curls or bump the ends, and you’re all set to slay the day.


Round Brushing for Straight and Wavy Malaysian Hair

Even though your hair may be a looser texture, the products and technique you use are still essential to avoid getting a frizzy mess.Like kinky curly hair, you also need to apply a moisturizing heat protectant to your virgin straight hair or curly wave hair before styling.

Pre-dry your virgin Malaysian straight hair by blowing in downward motions to dry about 60% of your hair. Pre-drying will save you tons of time during the round brush process.Section a medium sized section in the back of your head. Create a subsection that is smaller than the width of your round brush.

Place the round brush underneath that section of hair, pull outwards the downwards, while simultaneously following the round brush with your blow dryer. Repeat this motion until the hair is 100% dry, Keep the nozzle facing downwards to close the cuticle and create shine.

To add volume at the top of your head, start by placing the round brush underneath the subsection, pulling downwards and following the brush with your blow dryer. Then, flip the hair over the brush and blow the roots upwards. Repeat these two steps until the hair is 100% dry. Blow dry the hair in the crown of your head forward so when you flip your hair back, there is high volume.

Remember, whenever you want extra volume, just blow dry your hair in the opposite direction than where you are going to lay it.

For extra bouncy hair, clip the hair in around “C” shape after the round brush it. This method allows the natural wave hair to cool and set in its shape. Make sure the hair is completely cool before you take it down, or else the curl with fall.


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