Many girls are wearing sew-in hair weaves all day, such as Brazilian virgin Remy human hair weave.100% virgin Brazilian hair is soft, durable, and thick with a medium luster that blends well with nearly all hair types. It has an elegant natural wave pattern and comes in a naturally dark color. You can style it any way you like.

But there are some mistakes about sew-in hair weaves people do not know:

1.  The Braid Must Be Tight To Last Longer

Normally when most people have a sew-in done, the natural hair is braided. It is VERY important to notify the hair braider or the stylist of your braids being too tight. If your braids are uncomfortably tight before any weave has been installed/sown in, then the pain after installation is going to be much worse. Once the installation of the Brazilian hair weave begins and the thread used during the installation of the sew-in is pulled through/underneath the braids, chances are there will be more tightening and much more pain. Read on!

I know that most people fear rocking the boat and feel that the tighter the hair is the longer it will last. SO NOT TRUE!!! Yes, everyone wants their sew-in to be flawless, but not at the risk of your edges. This is one of the main reasons that a lot of people lost the edges of their hair and have painful scabs on the scalp which causes the hair to break off. So to avoid any unwanted issues, just ensure your braids are comfortable before the installation process begins.

2.  The Use Of Glue On A Frontal Or Closure During A Sew-in

Using glue on a frontal is a common mistake made by a lot of hairstylists. If you purchased a closure, full-frontal, or even a 360 lace frontal to be installed during a sew-in, ensure that your hairstylist knows how to install it correctly. When you schedule your appointment with your stylist be clear of what type of Brazilian human hair you have purchased and what you want to be done. Ask questions about the installation. Let your stylist know that you have a closure/frontal. Ask your stylist if they use glue to install the frontal. If the answer is, yes. You have two options.

Find another hairstylist that can install a frontal without glue or take your chances. The reason you do not add glue to a frontal is the glue is always going to have to be reapplied. The glue-down method lasts for about a week and looks horrible once the frontal hair is no longer glued down. The correct way to apply a frontal or closure is to sew it down, it last longer and looks natural. We all want to get our money's worth and then the sew-down method will last about two months or longer depending on how fast your hair grows.

3. Using Grease On Your Brazilian Hair Weave

Human Hair Weave is not supposed to be weighted down or greasy. I would even say stop using grease on your natural hair. NEVER apply grease to your weave, but if you absolutely must go for a light-weight natural oil or lightweight hair sheen. Remember you only need a very small amount. If you purchased low-grade hair bundles and dealing with a lot of tangling and matting, then applying a small about of oil or sheen will help.

Finally, a very important tip is to buy the best hair weaves if you want to save money for the long term. The most and fastest effective way to buy the best human hair products is to check the hair feedback from the customers. It can help you more.

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