Summer is here, and it's time to show off all kinds of fresh hairstyles. But as the hot weather made you lose interest in brushing and styling your hair? No, this bright and fiery season is the perfect opportunity for you to fully display your beauty and sparkle. Here's a look at how the internet celebrity used this summer must-have- HD Jerry Curly Wig to create a charming and playful summer fashion hairstyle.

HD Jerry curly wig

Some details of the HD Jerry Curly Wig

Hey ladies, it's your girl HYPNOTICLAADYY, and the company I will be working with today is Nadula Hair. Here I'm showing you all the goodies I got. I got an adjustable elastic band, some 3d eyelashes, of course, a wig cap, and the wig. This is their 5x5 HD lace wig, it is in the texture Jerry curly, it is 28 inches and 180% density. I just wanted to show you guys that the lace is HD, it also came with three combs, and adjustable straps in the back. I did want to show you guys this is an HD 5x5 wig, so you can do deep middle parts and deep side parts on either side. I'm just going to show you guys what it looks like on either side.

Put On The Wig And Make The Lace Ready

Now, I'm going to go right in with my even lace spray, I'm not going to cut the lace off or anything like that because it was definitely giving scalp, this lace came pre-plugged, I didn't have to do anything to it, but just bleach the knots. Now I'm using my hair dryer on medium to high heat using my rat tail comb to comb the adhesive spray into the lace, and just kind of get it out of the hair. Once you get that all nice and dry, we're going to go in with some cuticle scissors to cut in the middle of the lace and then cut the excess lace off with an eyebrow razor. I like to start in the middle and then work my way from left or to right whichever one you prefer. But as you guys can see, as we're cutting that lace off, it's already giving scalp baby and we ain't even done too much to it. So once you do that side, make sure you cut off the other side. Then we're going to put a little bit of makeup and stuff on and get ready to do these baby hairs and style. Once everything is cut off, I did want to go back in on the edges and a little bit in the middle and put a little bit more even spray, next use your rat tail comb and go in and put a little bit if you see a little or some edge lace lifting.

Pull Out The Baby Hair

Once that's done, I'm going to pull out my baby hairs. I will be doing a kind of like a top knot half up half down style, and I wanted something really cute and simple, I think this wig is perfect for vacation, something that you can just put on and go. Once I get those parted out, I am going to take my hot comb and just press those out just a little bit and then I'm going to get ready to part out my half up half down style, mold my ponytail and get ready to define this curl pattern. Once you got them all nice and flat, this is what they should look like. Then I'm going to start parting out my leave out for my half up half down, you want to make sure everything is nice and flat because you want it to look like the scalp, even though this is a 5x5 closure, I still want the frontal look with it. So you know to be able to achieve that, make sure you're doing even parting spaces, your lines are straight, nothing's crooked and everything is flat. You need flatness, flatness is key to having your wig look like a scalp.

Molding And Styling The Hair

Right now, I'm just taking my rat tail comb and parting out how I want my ponytail. Since this is a 5*5 lace closure, I was able to leave a lot of hair out in the back around the perimeter and just have a little top knot bun or ponytail at the top. Once I get that done, I am going to grab myself a little hair tie or scrunchie, put my hair in a ponytail, and then start molding and styling that, it will finish up the look. Next, I will be taking my glue spray and that little piece that I left out, we're going to use that to wrap around our hair tie, so the hair tie is not visible and it makes the style look a little more sleek and neat. I'm just going to wrap that around like so making sure I'm completely covering the elastic band, if you see a little bulge which you guys see right there in a little bit, I just spread the hair out with my rat tail comb and gently lay it over it like so, and then it's covered, I wrap all the way around, so I get to the end of the base and then I'm going to secure that with a bobby pin.

Then we will get into these baby hairs to do my baby hairs, and we're going to use the mini straightener, below I am going to pre-curl those, I did use my regular eco-style gel to lay my edges down. If you don't get it the first time, don't worry about it, take your time, getting the flick of the wrist, and eventually once you get the look that you're going for or you get an ideal look. Practice makes perfect, it'll become easier for you to do. Now I'm just repeating the process on the other side, this is the finished baby hair look. Next, we're going to go in with our mini wand curler and define this curl pattern. I'm going to take my root touch-up. I bleach my knots a little bit, just go in and color correct, it's a quick fix.

Now I'm going to take my half an inch barrel wand curler and I'm just going to go in random spots and curl or define my curl pattern. I've started liking big bouncy curly hair. I want to keep the hair big, full, and voluptuous, this is the best way for me to do it, I'm just going in random little pieces, random spots curling away from my face, curling towards my face, this is the best method for curly, deep curly and water wave hair. if you want a little tighter wave, deep wave, loose deep wave, or any type of wavy texture hair, I find that you going in and defining your curls a little bit with like a micro or mini wand curler definitely makes a huge difference, and you still get the body and volume. As I said I'm just curling away from my face and towards my face in random areas till I get the body and volume that I am looking for, once that is done that will be the completed look.

The Finished Look Show And Review

All right, ladies this is the finished look. First I'm going to show you guys a good 360. I love this texture, this is going to be another one of my go-to summer wigs. I'm usually not a Jerry curl fan and I feel like it because I used to wet the hair and wear it wet, whereas now I just leave it dry, leave the natural texture and just go in and define the curl pattern myself. It's true to length, this is 28 inches, the length is full. I'm loving it, it is so cute, I was so obsessed with this look, and this wig is definitely a 10, out of 10 for me. I love the 5x5 closures, the HD lace, the density, and the texture of the hair, everything is a 10, out of 10. This is Nadula's hair, their 5x5 lace closure HD lace Jerry curly wig, it is 28 inches,180% density. Hope you all love it, too. If you enjoy, click here to get more wig details.