With the change of fashion trends every year, the change of color has become an important element for us to perceive the latest trends the earliest and fastest. Rich and changeable colors have also become the vane of leading fashion. Read on to learn about the hottest hair color trends for 2023.

Color can well reflect a person's mental outlook and state of mind, and can also well reflect a person's personality and self-confidence. Appropriate colors can play a very good role in modifying the overall appearance. Whether it is makeup, clothing, or hair color matching, it can refresh the whole temperament of the whole person. In the past, the traditional honey blonde, bronze, and dark hair were more common. These colors are safe and versatile. Now non-traditional hair colors are gradually becoming popular, such as haze blue, smoky purple, lemon yellow, dusty rosy, etc. We also see very chic, eye-catching colors at festivals, parties, fashion weeks, and celebrity events. Hair color is also a most fitting bold, free statement.

1. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hair

Kim Kardashian is back with platinum hair, and she's kicking off yet another platinum craze with her rock girls. This color is easy to maintain and perfectly echoes the simple natural beauty with a certain appeal. Platinum may seem special, but it works well with all skin tones and is versatile. The combination of warm colors also makes this cool trend more popular.

2. Gemini Hair

Gemini Hair

In this year's Pinterest Prediction report, Gemini posts will be all the rage by 2023. This trend, which involves two different hair colors, offers extra creativity and doubles the chance to color your hair for a bold, two-dimensional style. As Nicki Minaj demonstrates.

3. Strawberry Blonde


The strawberry blonde of 2023 is honey bronze blonde. This is a great way to tone down the dark colors and reds of winter, which are more suitable for the warm and sunny spring and summer. If you want a slightly pinkish tone, add some very light red highlights. While red highlights may fade, it doesn't detract in the slightest from the beautiful look this color creates. Because its pink hue slowly fades and gradually turns into different shades of blonde, from pink to strawberry blonde to blonde or lighter colors, each stage has a different wonderful color.

4. Blonde Money Piece

With the super subtle money piece highlights color, you can easily get flattering strands around the face for a pop of blonde. Money piece highlights change to your desired look without touching the entire head, instantly brightening and defining your face.

5. Copper Red

Copper Red

All shades of red have been and will continue to be popular in 2023, from fiery reds and clarets to warm terracotta, with copper being the most eye-catching color. For blondes and brunettes who aren't quite ready to go full black or light, it serves as an in-between point, and it's a great color to brighten up your hair.

6. Violet Brunette

Violet Inspired Brunette

In 2023, brunettes will be turning to deeper, cooler browns that seem to have hints of aubergine and cherry cola. This hair color is a great seasonal change for brunettes to add dimension and depth without having to add a lighter color, and the violet hue adds vibrancy to the hair.

7. Sweet Peachy Rose

Peachy Rose

Ash blonde and platinum blonde have been popular in recent years, but in 2023 peach will also be on the rise. This is the perfect shade for those looking for a fun and colorful change, a great way to transition from winter to brighter spring and summer, pink is easier to lighten hair and look more youthful.


The above content is an introduction to the hottest hair color trends in 2023. If you want to know more about the latest fashion and hair-related knowledge, please follow us and we will continue to update more exciting content. If you have other questions, please leave a message in the comment area.