The trivial life and the busy work sometimes make you feel exhausted, and you have no energy and time to create exquisite hairstyles. Today I want to share with you a very simple beach waves hairstyle. Comprised of tousled waves, this hairstyle lends a carefree, beachy, relaxed vibe and is so versatile that it will never go out of style. Messy waves are perfect for almost any occasion and season, and this hairstyle is also perfect for busy moms.

beach wave hairstyle

Whether you have long or short hair, whatever your hair texture and hairstyle, beach waves are for you. This beach wave hair is perfect for a fun day at the beach or will keep you looking stunning in the cold winter months. When it comes to styling your own beach waves, there are many different ways to do the right way to create this effortless beach wave look, so read on for easy tips on how to try beach wave hairstyles at home.

Method 1: Overnight Braids

Creating beach waves with overnight braids is probably the easiest and most hassle-free way to do it. All it takes is for you to braid your damp hair before bed. Thin braids can be used if you want small waves, while thick braids will give you larger and looser waves. Close your eyes and sleep peacefully at night. Loosen the braids the next morning and you've got the perfect beach wave hairstyle. Apply conditioner and styling products to ensure your waves stay in place all day.

beach waves

Method 2: Try finger waves

If you want beach waves even faster, then you can try finger waves for a messy curl. Start with a leave-in styling cream or oil, then wrap individual strands of hair around your fingers in repeated upward circular motions, then secure curls with curlers. Finally, dry your hair with a hair dryer on low heat to create waves. After 30 minutes, remove the clips and lightly brush your hair for loose, beach waves.

Method 3: Wave Spray

This method creates effortless beach waves without the use of hot tools. Wet your hair with the spray first, then use the wave spray to enhance your hair's natural shape and texture. Finally, gently rub the hair to create a wave shape. Beach wavy hair is so easy to complete.

beach waves hair

Method 4: Use a Curling Iron

Using a curling iron or a curling iron to create classic beach waves is a favorite method of many people. This method is simple and reliable. First, you need to choose the right size curling iron. Loose beach curls are easier to create with larger rollers. But if your hair is shorter, in order to have a better curling effect, it is recommended that you use a one-inch curling iron. If your hair is medium to long, the 1.25-1.5 inch curling iron works best.

Method 5: Try the headband Waves Hack

long beach wave hair

Getting heat-free beach waves with a satin headband is a hot trend lately. The hair ties are designed to be worn overnight to maximize hair styling time. It's also a great option for adding volume to hair and creating beach waves. Leave hair slightly damp first. For even better results, you can also apply hair volumizing products to give texture and volume to wavy hair. Center the headband on top of your head and secure it with the clip, then wrap your hair around the headband as if you were doing a French braid. By the next morning, you'll have easy, gorgeous beach waves.


Ready to hit the beach wave tide? Gorgeous beachy waves are perfect for every occasion. You can have naturally wavy, voluminous hair regardless of hair texture or length. If you don't want to damage your hair, you can easily create beach waves without hot tools. Or you can choose to wear a wig to create a variety of fashionable hairstyles, Nadula Hair can bring you a lot of fashion hairstyle inspiration.