Do you like honey blonde hair color? This hair color is really great for black women, some people choose to go to the barber shop to get this color. For black women, the best way to get honey blonde hair color is to buy a honey blonde wig. In this blog, the YouTube star has already tried the wig on for everyone, read on, here's everything you need to know.

6*4.5 honey blonde pre-cut lace wig

What is nadula 6*4.5 honey blonde pre-cut lace wig

Hey guys, welcome back to another hair review video. Thank you to nadula hair for sponsoring this video. Now, guys, all the wigs come in a box. We are going to go inside to see the package. A wig cap, as a matter of fact, we get two sets of wig caps, lashes, a makeup brush, and a hedge tie. 6*4.5 honey blonde pre-cut lace wig
It's a 6 by 4.5 lace, which is the first time I'm going to wear it on a blonde straight 24 inches. We are going to go inside the bag, see, I'm super excited because I've been rocking this color hair and I absolutely love it. So let's go the widgets secure course and I love the lace. 6*4.5 honey blonde pre-cut lace wig
This seemed like an everyday week for me, nadula, guys, look at this, they already cut the lace off which is, yeah, this is ready like slip it on your head, the cap is breathable, look at that, and we have an adjustable band on the pre-cut lace wig. Of course, so you guys can do this glueless love this wig, this is like a birthday Vibe wig for me. It's very light and I love that, there are streaks color inside of this wig. It is 24 inches, and absolutely beautiful the lace. Let's dig into the lace a little bit more. 6*4.5 honey blonde pre-cut lace wig
It's already pre-plopped, all we have to do is add some makeup. There's a part, so we're definitely going to do a center part. This wig is beautiful, there's not a lot of work, absolutely gorgeous. I love it, it's just ready to wear all over.

Ways to install nadula 6*4.5 honey blonde pre-cut lace wig

All right, thank you nadula, we are going to style this wig, which is literally going to take like 15 minutes. And then, we are going to install it so stay tuned beautiful. Ways to install nadula 6*4.5 honey blonde pre-cut lace wig

All right you all, we're going to put this wig on. We can do it clueless, let me just see how it looks. I was about to do my makeup before, but I was like, let me do this here. All right this is it. I don't even think we need a cat girl. I am not going to put on a cap, this hair is absolutely beautiful. It's lightweight. Ways to install nadula 6*4.5 honey blonde pre-cut lace wig
This is the simplest, easiest. I don't know what to say, this wig just literally slipped on, and I think it's going to be my favorite because this color suits me so much. I literally didn't have to do much with the flatten. Let's just finish this and come back. Ways to install nadula 6*4.5 honey blonde pre-cut lace wig
All right guys, look at that melt, nadula, listen, you all better go over there, because tell you I don't even need to have no foundation right here, but just because I think this is like an easy slip-on wig for me vacation vibe. You don't have to worry about anything. I'm not even going to add any baby hair, all I'm going to do is use the iron and I'm going to do my makeup.
All right guys. I am going to do my makeup, this is a simple hairstyle. I'm going to get my makeup done. I will be back to talk about the quality of this hair, the color, the lace everything about this wig. Ways to install nadula 6*4.5 honey blonde pre-cut lace wig
It's a moss slip-on takeoff that's what you need for the summer nadula hair, you did this one, it's very lightweight, and the band is adjustable. I didn't have to do anything, you don't have to spray anything. This is glueless, save your airline ladies like. I'm telling you all, I'm going to do it after my makeup is done. I'm going to wipe this area and boom, also the lace is a six by four point five, so it's extremely all the way to the back, you know very thin, everything is already done. All I did was added some makeup to the lace, not makeup, but just powder to the lace and that's it. It is perfect. Let's get this makeup done, right, all right guys, the hair, the makeup, everything is complete.

Ways to install nadula 6*4.5 honey blonde pre-cut lace wig

True honey blonde straight wig reviews from WatchCrissyWork

This hair feels so good, thank you nadula hair. Let's take this thing off, like there's, oh my God, we don't need nothing girl look at that, this is the week you all make sure you go and shop everything will be in the description down below. It is beautiful and matches my complexion. I love it this is like a birthday Vibe you know what kind of vacation, but it's summer you guys ain't going to worry about anything because, all right, thank you nadula again can make it glueless, all I did was add some spray that's it, but it was completely like you can make it glueless, it doesn't need anything. If you're not a baby or person, you ain't got to worry about that, it is perfect, let's get into this share the description, it's 24 inches, six by four point five lace closure, so it is really it's like a frontal the lace is completely HD, because the quality is amazing. It is everything so if you're not a person to do baby hair, this is the wig for you and the color is amazing as well I'm pretty sure, it will match any complexion, so thank you guys for watching. Let's get into this Momo, and I'll see you guys in the next one please check the description bye.

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