When it comes to the most popular hairstyles of the year, we have to mention the Wolf Cut Hairstyle, which is also the latest haircut trend of the year. A lot of people love it because of its intermittent layering, volume, and texture, and this hairstyle has also made a fashion wave on TikTok and Instagram. It is suitable for formal or informal events and has a low-maintenance appearance. Many celebrities and influencers have adopted wolf haircuts, and more and more people are actively creating this wolf haircut trend. Today we will introduce the 10 most popular wolf haircuts in 2023.

wolf cuts

1. Curly Wolf Cut

This curly wolf cut idea is really in line with the latest Instagram and fashion trends. Stack curls on top and trim them, trimming towards the bottom, adding choppy short tassels and spice up the entire look with catchy silver-toned accessories. The whole looks so bold, so rebellious, and so playful.

2. Long Wolf Mullet Hairstyle

While most wolf styles are suitable for short or medium-long hair, a very long wolf mullet hairstyle is a big challenge, but it's sure to blow your mind. The longer the hair, the more pronounced those choppy layers will look. In addition, with such a length, you can change to a high ponytail or half braid, which can do more styling, which is very convenient for attending various occasions and events on a daily basis.

3. Shaggy Wolf Cut

The cut shaggy and voluminous hair top twists the entire look in a wild way. To balance the look, try a dramatic blonde hair color. This combination of deliberately messy, more hair on top, and a fairly feminine white tone is definitely a game-changer.

4. Short Wolf Haircut

This short wolf haircut is very popular. Because you don't have to worry about hair length, you can focus more on the shape and volume built around the crown. Keep it cute by highlighting the lower layer at the bottom with contrasting blonde. The whole hairstyle looks free, casual and full of personality.

5. Spicy Red Short Wolf

If you like to challenge bold colors, then there is no doubt that this red fox hair color wolf haircut is definitely a rule-breaker design. The textures with layers are still there, but they introduce atypical wet effects and messy sides that look very attractive, full of personality and charming. Does this furry wolf cut style make you very impressed.

6. Elegant Wolf Haircut

Wolf haircuts have undergone a lot of transformation since the 80s, and their diverse styles are even more unpredictable. For example, a hairstylist might make you have not only a rebellious Gen Z hairstyle, but also a loose wavy braid. So feminine and elegant. Therefore, wolf cut creativity cannot be limited.

7. Wolf Haircut With Full-Fringe

Wolf cuts with bangs hairstyle can also be very outstanding. The more volume you decide to cut your wolf, the more distinctive your bangs should be to maintain balance. The full fringe and cropped shoulder-length wolf cut will visually shrink the face.

8. Highlights Wolf Hairstyle

Some wolf cuts look like miniature bobbs inside mullet, and the whole hairstyle looks more trivial, but the green or pink highlight hair in the bangs makes this wavy mullet very interesting.

9. Natural Hair Wolf Haircut

The natural texture of your hair determines how you need to style your wolf hair. If your hair is naturally textured, curly, or wavy, doing wolf haircuts will become easier. Just walk it through your hair by hand and choose to spray it in some texture, take a moment to retouch it and you're good to go. You can get a similar deep mullet with a shorter number of layers and enjoy your stylish look.

10. Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

Another Wolf Cut Style trend this year is Wolf Haircut with curtain bangs. To design such a cut, you need to first cut the hair out of layers and curtain bangs, apply some products to the hair with the palm of your hand, and provide the necessary volume with a round brush and hair dryer, layers are a great way to give straight hair size and volume.


The above are the ten most popular wolf haircuts this year, hoping to bring you more hairstyle inspiration and give you more hairstyle options. Welcome to subscribe to us to facilitate more fashion information and hair care information, we will continue to update more about fashion, beauty, hair for you.