Good morning, hey my baby dolls, welcome back to another video, so in today's video, I am showing you guys another ready-to-wear wig by nadula hair, and as you can see I am wearing the beautiful ready-to-wear wig that nadula hair sent me. I love this ready-to-wear wig.

Nadula pre-cut 5x5 HD closure wig

Nadula pre-cut 5x5 HD closure wig for wig lovers

I'm also wearing the transparent cap, and then I also got this band for the lace, so here is the nadula pre-cut 5x5 HD closure wig, this is an HD glueless lace wig. Look at this freaking lace, it is already pre-cut for you, this is a 5x5 HD lace wear-and-go glueless body wave texture wig. This is 150-density and 24 inches long. The hair is so soft. I literally ran my hands through it without no problems.Nadula pre-cut 5x5 HD closure wig

Right out of the packaging, how good this lace looks, this is the whole construction of the nadula pre-cut 5x5 HD closure wig. You get combs, you do get the band and sides of the nadula pre-cut 5x5 HD closure wig which is going to help with making this wig a glueless wig. You do not have to wear glue with this wig, this is a wear-and-go type of wig, so I just wanted to show you guys that you can be tightening and loosen it up as much as you need to, so soon as I started to apply the nadula pre-cut 5x5 HD closure wig on. Nadula pre-cut 5x5 HD closure wig
I discovered that the hair is very very comfortable, once put on and I was just so in awe with the lace, because it looks so freaking good, and I literally did not have to pluck the lace. I hate plucking, plucking could be a mess, it can be annoying, it can just be a whole lot that you don't want to do and you don't have time for.
I was very much excited that it came plucked really really well. I did grab my hot comb, and I'm just pressing out certain areas in the wig, so that it can lay down flat, now this wig does naturally lay down flat. I grabbed my adhesive spray which you don't need, but I didn't do any baby hairs with this, so I just put the hairs back, and then I use that band I showed at the beginning of the video. I always recommend you guys use these bands because it just lays down your lace and it's really good with protecting your lace too, as well when you're sleeping or if you're even showering taking a bath.

The wig lay down really really well like and there was no glue applied, but since I didn't do any baby hairs, I just wanted to lay down the front of the hairline area, which you guys will see and here I did style the hair into some curls, so while I go throughout the hair and curl it all over, you guys can watch this part but I always recommend you guys, if you want to curl your hair and you want the curls to stay, you're more into curly your hair all the time, I always recommend getting the body wave texture, because this texture keeps your curls lasting longer than getting a straight textured wig, it's really really good.Nadula pre-cut 5x5 HD closure wig
This lace is melted, I went in and did a little bit of layering. When you layer your hair and you definitely have curls, the curls stay longer they last longer when you layer your hair. It's just the curls, just a little better that's just me personally and this is what I just learned throughout like you know wearing hair-wearing wigs and things like that so beautiful quality of the hair.

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I love the texture, I love the feel of this pre-cut 5x5 HD closure wig, it's really really good quality and it wasn't hard curling it, it was very easy to curl.
So let me give you guys my last feel and thoughts of this pre-cut 5x5 HD closure wig, all in all, a beautiful beautiful pre-cut 5x5 HD closure wig. I would say this is one of my top five favorite glueless wigs. I always have a struggle with glueless wigs because most of the time they're either bulky, they don't fit ear to ear, and then it just doesn't lay down flat as a full lace wig.
The hair quality is perfect, and it's very easy to apply. I love the fact that this wig did come with the hair already pre-plucked, because like I always talk to you guys about I hate to pluck, and just look how realistic that looks, all I did was you know. I didn't do any baby hairs. I wanted this to look you know natural as possible, I just scooped back the hair and spread a little bit of the adhesive spray.
And then, I put the band over it to relax it down but other than that it's perfect. I did not pluck the parting. If you want to customize it to your liking, then the effects of the knots are not even bleached on this. I'm not sure if it is. I don't think so it doesn't look like, it's bleached but it's definitely melted as it looks like skin so the fact that this these knots are not bleached and it looks like it is and it's just melting down so good like that's amazing to me so that's less work for me no plucking, no bleaching, all I did was just adjust it to my head, in the beginning, you guys did see, it was bulky right here, but that's normal when it comes down to wigs you have to adjust wigs to your liking.
Now other than that you have to adjust it to your head and you're liking all of that matters, you know everybody's head shape is different but once I grab my hot comb and just pressed it out it laid down flat, as you guys can see I didn't have to do too much, I don't know if my part is like really in the middle, it may look like it's not in the middle, but it's okay y'all all of the details will be listed down below for this hair the length the everything the construction the density, I got everything will be listed down below and let me know if you guys have any questions pertaining the hair that I may didn't say in this video.