Short hair is extremely popular in spring and summer. After the rise of the bixie haircut, the mixie haircut also enters people's view and gradually becomes the focus of people's attention. Many celebrities also try and lead this haircut, such as Florence Pugh and Rihanna, etc. It also helped propel my mixie haircut, a bold haircut, to a spot in the beauty trend report. Are you ready to take a risk with this fun, edgy, and cool hairstyle? Let funkier cuts and colors show off your personal style and make you look stylish in no time. Below, we will tell you all about the Mixie haircut!

1. What Is Mixie Haircut?

As cute as it sounds, "Mixie" is one of the newer edgy pixie cuts, a cross between a mullet and a pixie to be exact. The Mixie haircut has short, pixie hair at the front and longer, mullet-like hair at the back. It blends the mullet with the pixie cut for a fearless new look that looks a little '70s throwback, with the rebellious vibe that comes with it. If you're looking to incorporate some edgy texture into spring/summer, a mixie haircut is the perfect choice for a cool girl haircut.

Mixie Haircut

2. What Are The Benefits Of Mixie Haircut?

The Mixie cut has the elegance of a pixie cut, but the cute cut also has the ferocity of a rebellious mullet. The fusion of the two cuts has an unexpected effect. Mullet cuts give you extra length and light layers around the back and ears. And the pixie cut at the front softened the mullet's fluffiness, making it less fragmented and bold, with longer hairstyles and lower maintenance costs, opening the door to a range of style changes and gender expression. We can also see the revival of the Wolf cut or shag vintage hairstyle, which is edgy and manageable. So, if you're looking to experiment with short hair, or are looking for a more fun, rebellious look, the mixie haircut may be the best for you.

3. How To Design Mixie Cut?

Once you have a blend of cuts that you're happy with, styling becomes effortless. Any hairstyle can be tailored to any face shape and style, and it is recommended that you make an appointment in advance for a consultation so that your stylist can find the right mix and match for your face shape and hairstyle. To make sure the stylist clearly understands your expectations and needs, it is always best to provide reference images of the style you want, be sure to bring plenty of inspired photos to show them. mixie cut Mixie does work with most hair types and textures, and like fairy cuts, can actually add volume and texture to thinner hair. Your hairstyle also has an impact on your overall hairstyle. Straight, wavy, curly hair, etc., show different styles. You just need to find the right look for you based on your hair texture or preference. It's a very low-maintenance style that doesn't require frequent salon maintenance, and to make it look loose and messy, use a product that adds a bit of grit to your hair. The styling process itself takes only 5 minutes in the morning to complete. It can be divided on the sides or in the middle. Use your favorite hair styling cream and a fine-toothed comb, and be sure to comb your hair and use a clean hair dryer. Add a little hair spray for a long-lasting effect. Once secured in place, your mixie haircut will not move for hours to come! If you really want to keep this hairstyle fresh, it's recommended to get it trimmed every five to eight weeks.

4. Who Is Mixie Hairstyle Most Suitable For?


Mixie is perfect for those who are looking for effortless hairstyles and styles that require little styling. But this look looks great, low maintenance and easy to manage without the use of heated styling tools, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a time-saving, effortless style with a stylish look. You can simply spray with sea salt spray for extra texture, or use matte hair oil or wax on the top to give texture and movement.

5. How Much Does a Mixie Haircut Cost?

The Mixie cut won't cost you much. It's just a mix of mullets and pixie cuts, with simple variations and additions. In fact, it usually costs $60, which you can use to get a haircut, shape, and style. The exact price of the cut also depends on the stylist's level of expertise and whether you plan to get some sparkle. But in the end, you'll enjoy the results at an affordable and realistic price.


Want to try the Mixie Cut? Are you ready to try these cool mash-ups? Have you worked up the courage to make a change to challenge the cool girl style? Mixie cut takes pixie tailoring to the next level, and you'll love it day or night.