Fashion human hair is going to be a grand show again with the weather turns cool.A lot of women who love of beauty are considering to buy human hair for themselves.Speaking of human hair, Brazilian human hair and Indian human hair are very popular with ladies, and Nadula brand is your best choice for all the hairstyles.Now Nadula will help you to identify what is good human hair.

First, you need to know that whether it is 100% human hair or synthetic.The real human hair is much more expensive than synthetic.It will have a flavor of burnt meat when you burn it, but a flavor of burnt plastic for synthetic.

For 100% human hair, how to identify it good or bad?

The hair is soft and smooth and has very natural shine.

There is no tangling, no shedding and feel very well when stroking it lightly.

The thinner the better in ensuring the hairstyle design.

You will feel comfortable and natural after wearing it, without obvious dull feeling.

There is another way to identify: from the texture of the hair net.Good hair net is soft and feels comfortable after wearing it, but the bad one is stiff, scratchy and irritates the skin.

All of the above is the identification methods for you which apply to all the wavy, curly, or straight virgin human hair.And I believe that Nadula will offer you the best hair and meet all your needs.