Are you suffering from hair loss? Are you troubled by thin hair caused by natural or some diseases? If you are looking for something to cover the top part of your head, then the hair toppers are perfect for you. Hair toppers can instantly cover the thin part and blend with your natural hair, adding volume while providing more thickness and density as a result. Maybe many people don't know much about hair toppers, so today we will introduce hair toppers in detail in this blog.

girl with hair topper

What Are Hair Toppers?

Hair toppers also referred to as “half wig” or “top piece”, are a smaller kind of hair system designed to hide hair loss in the top areas of the scalp. The base of the hair topper is made with lace and the hair is sewn onto the lace strand by strand are fitted with hair clips that will snap onto your existing hair. A hair topper can vary in size depending on the coverage you need. Different from a wig that covers the full area, hair toppers only cover the areas on the top of the head.

What Are Hair Toppers

How Long Do Hair Toppers Last?

A hair topper with careful condition can last from six months to over a year. You can prolong the life of your hair topper by storing it in a box when you're not wearing it and also using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Using deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners and serums regularly will help the hair to stay soft, as a hair topper is not being nourished by your scalp oils like your own hair is.

Can Hair Toppers Cause Hair Loss?

Hair toppers are created to help people suffering from hair loss regain full hair. There is no necessary correlation between wearing hair toppers and hair loss. But if you wear it with the incorrect application, hair loss does occur. Maybe your natural hair will be caught by the clips of the base, you need to be careful enough to avoid pulling down your own hair.

Are Hair Toppers Worth It?

Human hair toppers are definitely recommended! With hair toppers covering the thin and bald hair area, you can get a more complete and voluminous hair look at an affordable price. Besides, hair toppers offer more versatility such as bleaching, dyeing, and styling with heat tools. And compared with wearing a whole wig, you will feel cooler with a hair topper.

It should be noted that hair toppers are not suitable for everyone. Because they are meant to be worn on the top of the head, which means you have to make sure that there is existing hair at the top of your head for the clips to clip onto. If you have lost too much hair to secure the hair topper, maybe a human hair wig is better for you.

How Do I Choose A Hair Topper?

A perfect hair topper makes life easier in so many ways. A number of celebrities choose to wear toppers to add fullness and get a sleeker look on screen, without any extra work or heat damage. Then how to choose a suitable hair topper for you? Here are some factors you need to consider.

1. The Hair Loss Area

The first factor to consider is your hair loss area. If you have thin hair on the top of your head, then you only need a normal hair topper to cover it, which easily conceals the crown of your head and blends in with your natural hair for an effortless and natural look. If your hairline is receding, or your temples are bald, then clip-in fringes will work their magic to add volume and increase your confidence. They work well with any length of hair, you just need to choose the fringe you like.

2. Hair Material

Whether you like wavy, straight, or curly hair toppers, there are two kinds of hair toppers for you. According to the difference in hair material, hair toppers can be divided into synthetic hair toppers and human hair toppers. Then which are the best hair toppers for thinning hair?

Synthetic hair toppers have the advantage of not being deformed lower price, but there is a risk of being unnatural. Human hair toppers require a little more upkeep with washing and styling and are more expensive. However, they offer an incredible natural and sleek hair look. Human hair toppers are definitely a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a natural, seamless hair look.

3. Hair Length

It is also very important to choose an appropriate hair length in order for the hair toppers to blend perfectly with your hair. You should choose according to your hair length. If you're not sure about your hair length, you can go to a physical store to get one hair topper, which will avoid the embarrassment caused by inappropriate lengths.

choose the length of hair toppers

4. Your Hair Color

As most wig toppers are chosen to blend with your own hair, choosing a color that closely matches your natural hair color is important. Of course, you can choose a color different from your hair, it will create a refreshing hairstyle. Whether natural color or a brilliant color is your preference, you are not limited when choosing a hair topper. Hair toppers with highlights, blonde hair toppers, or natural black hair toppers, it is up to you.

hair toppers

5. Select Your Base

There are two bases available, monofilament and wefted. A monofilament base is constructed of individually attached hairs to a soft meshing. This gives the illusion that the hair grows naturally from the scalp. With a wefted base, you can pull any of your own hair between the wefts. This integrates your own hair with the hairpiece, creating a natural look.


There is a common misconception that a wig is the only option to hide complete hair loss. However, this is not the case. Real hair toppers made out of human hair will look extremely natural after blending with your natural hair. Affordable hair toppers are very wonderful for girls with small areas of hair loss. But if you find that your hair loss areas are getting bigger or are not completely concealed by your topper, it may be worth opting for a full cap human hair wig instead.