Closure wigs are no stranger at all for all the wig users in daily life. It can give versatile hairstyles like middle part, side part, free part, half updo, half up half down, and high ponytails. It is loved by most users as it has so many strong points that other wigs do not have. Lets get into all about closures wigs that you will be interested in below.

Benefits Of using closure wigs

As we know that all the closure wigs are made of lace base and wig net. There are different styles of them according to lace size. Some commonly used closure wigs include 4x4 and 5x5 inch square closure wigs, 13x4 and 13x6 ear-to-ear wigs, 360 ponytail wigs, also t-part wigs.

When talking about t part wig, here we will briefly introduce it. It is a kind of lace closure, but only the part is lace base, so the lace part is very thin, about 0.5 and 0.75-inch in width showing a T-shape. You will find 4x0.75 inch and 13x5x0.5 inch T part wigs in our shop.

All the closure wigs come to getting the perfect look, you would want women's human hair wigs that offer a variety of styles as well as one that looks natural. The lace closure fits this description.

nadula 4x4 closure wig

1. Versatility

It can easily recreate the natural hair parting and gives a few parting options like the middle part, side part, three-part, or free part. For example, a 4x4 inch lace closure wig is good for the middle part if customers’ budgets are limited. For a 13x4 or 13x6 lace closure wig, it can be a middle part, side part, three-part, and free part. And also 360 lace wig, is the best choice for ponytail hairstyles because the lace shows up around you when you tie your ponytail high, and the lace looks like your natural hair scalp.

In a word, you can get any style you like by wearing a closure wig.

2. Comfortable

Because of the characteristics of the lace material, users will feel comfortable wearing the lace closure. Compare with wig net, lace is more breathable and lighter than wig net, so it is welcomed by most users, especially hot-selling in summer. The cool closure wigs are very popular in hot summer.

3. Easy to Installation

A closure wig is easy to install because it only takes up a small area. This will cut down the time needed to install the wig. It saves time and allows women to achieve a natural hairstyle effortlessly and this makes it ideal for women with busy lifestyles.

4. Affordable

If you want a lace wig, the closure wigs are the best choice. Because compared with a full lace wig, a lace closure wig has a smaller lace area than it, it will cost less than a full lace wig. So, closure lace wig has a large market share in these years. That is also the key reason why so popular among the customers.

nadula 13x4 closure frontal wig

What is the Difference Between a Frontal Wig and a Closure Wig?

Some new users do not clear about the frontal wig and closure wigs. In fact, the frontal wig is also a kind of closure wig. They are all lace closure wigs. But in order to distinguish them, sellers have made different names according to different lace closure sizes. For an ear-to-ear closure wig, we often call it a frontal wig, for square closure wig, we call it a closure wig.

Here are some main differences between closure and frontal:

1. Laze Size

Closures can cover just a small area of your head, while frontals can cover your entire hairline. The standard size for closure is 4x4 inches, and you can get frontals in size 13x4 inches. Note that we are talking about lace material and not the length of your hair system.

2. Versatility

Both wigs come in different hairstyles, but frontals come with more freedom than closures. A frontal covers the entire hairline allowing you to style your extensions or wigs however you wish. Closures give you less styling flexibility due to less material and the fact that you work with a limited amount of hair.

3. Convenience

Unlike closures that need little maintenance, you need to twerk a lot with frontals to get an everyday look during installation. Other things involved in a frontal wig include tinting, tweezing, plucking, and trimming your baby hairs.

Since frontals lose their glue quickly, they can serve you approximately 2-3 weeks. With proper upkeep, closures last longer, and you can readjust your wig every month. Also, closures require less gluing and customizing making them perfect for hot weather.

4. Cost

Frontals tend to be pricier since they are more versatile and come with more material. Also, this type of wig is considered halfway done. On the other hand, Closures are cheaper because they are easy to maintain and realistic.

Where to buy the best online closure wigs?

There are so many wigs dealers online when you try to search from the internet. For new users, it is difficult to make the right decision for placing the first order from online shops. Here we will collect some things you need to consider when you want to buy a good closure wig:

1. Hair Texture

We suggest a real human hair lace closure wig as we know that real hair texture has so many advantages that other materials do not have. And for real human hair, there are Remy or no-Remy. Remy hair will not easy to tangle. For the uninitiated, Remy hair wigs have human hair with damaged cuticles. But they result in natural and shiny-looking wigs that can be retained even after multiple washes.

Non-Remy hair, on the other hand, doesn’t have any roots. Wigs with such hair often have a dry, straw-like texture, which is covered by a layer of silicon for a shiny look. However, this layer comes right off once you wash the wig.

2. Inner headgear

Most wigs have inner headgear, also known as wig caps. In lace wigs, the headgear is made of lace. These are usually breathable, but sometimes they are not. So, when buying wigs ensure the headgear has good air permeability.

3.  Reviews

A product review is a good way to help you make the right decision. You can learn all the things about the product by checking the real feedback and customer shows. So, it is also a good way to help you to buy a good closure wig online.