Many of the latest fashion hairstyles have animal names, such as wolf cut, butterfly locs, skunk stripe, and so on, after yet another aquatic animal made the list, jellyfish hairstyles are the hot new fall hairstyles with over 1.7 billion views on TikTok, jellyfish haircut is all the rage in 2022, are you ready to try them? So what kind of person cuts jellyfish haircuts? After reading this article, you can find out if a jellyfish haircut is for you.

ellyfish hairstyles are the hot new fall hairstyles with over 1.7 billion views on TikTok

What is a jellyfish haircut?

Jellyfish haircuts are characterized by a short, layered shape on the top of the head that hugs the head, with long, disconnected lengths around the edges, just like jellyfish, where the top of the hair is the body and the length is the antennae.
The jellyfish haircut is inspired by the traditional Japanese "princess cut", which combines two classic styles: blunt bob and mullet. To mimic the shape of the sea creatures, the top layer of hair was cut short and distributed evenly around the head in a bowl-like manner. At the same time, you keep the bottom of the long hair so that it looks like the tentacles of a jellyfish.


Why do I suggest you choose a jellyfish haircut?

The popular jellyfish hairstyle is reminiscent of the 1980s mullet haircut, with the top resembling a bob or bowl cut and the bottom kept long. The two are unrelated, but the beauty is asymmetrical. Why do I suggest you try the jellyfish haircut? What are the advantages of the jellyfish haircut?

The popular jellyfish hairstyle is reminiscent of the 1980s mullet haircut

1. The volume looks like a lot

We don't recommend that people with a lot of hair try a jellyfish haircut. Because of this cut out the effect is not as good as hair volume in fewer people. Because jellyfish haircuts are difficult to cut, they will be rough and uneven, and the round shape will make the hair look round and big, and if the shape is different, it will look out of place.

2. Take advantage of both long and short hair

The jellyfish haircut is perfect for girls who want short hair, but can't stand long hair. Because it looks long from one Angle, but short from another. So I say the jellyfish is a combination of long hair and short hair. It has the natural and unrestrained of short hair, and the gentleness of long hair. This style is very unique, and if you want to try it, I think it is a good try.

3. Highlight your face shape

From the front, short layers of hair flatter the face. The jellyfish haircut on either side not only hides the wide jaw but also makes it more delicate. Long jellyfish haircuts can also unlock new hairstyles. The long-haired jellyfish haircut left on the underside can be braided in two strands. A bright personality will turn heads.

What hair types is the jellyfish haircut best for?

Jellyfish haircut definitely leans toward the edgier, more exalted side, and it's not good for all hair types. If you have thin or fine hair, this may not be the best choice as it can make your hair look thinner and flatter. It is especially true for long hair, which can quickly start to look disorganized.

Jellyfish haircut definitely leans toward the edgier, more exalted side

1. Thick hair

As mentioned above, jellyfish haircuts add volume to your hair because multiple layers add volume to your hair. If your hair is stiff and has too much volume, but can't show the shape of a jellyfish haircut, so you can choose a jellyfish haircut.

2. Naturally straight or wave hair

Jellyfish haircuts work perfectly for straight or curly hair, while jellyfish cuts work best for naturally straight or medium to thick hair with a little wave.

3 popular jellyfish haircut ideas for cold weather

If you want to have both short and long hair, the following three jellyfish haircuts can help you get an extra bold playful look and show off your personality.

1. Dark green pick dye jellyfish haircut

Dark green hair color, turquoise mixed with black hair, and dark green as the main hair look very stylish. This dark green pick-dye jellyfish haircut is perfect for girls who love pop culture and seek individuality.

2. Pink jellyfish haircut

Pink is a very romantic color, wear it with a jellyfish haircut for a more unusual look, and if you are a girl looking for something unique, a pink jellyfish haircut will also match your everyday look and makeup.

3. Short shag jellyfish haircut

This hairstyle is suitable for people who like to be low-key and casual. It is also a slightly neutral hairstyle. Short, simple cuts are designed to accentuate the jellyfish style, while long hair is designed to blend in with the hair underneath so that the separation is not obvious.


To achieve the jellyfish haircut, make an appointment with a stylist who can tailor the style to your hair texture, density and face shape. Jellyfish haircuts are popular because they can fit anyone's aesthetic. So, are you ready to excite everyone with your new haircut?