With the continuous update of new technologies, different types of upgraded wigs appeared on the market, 13x6x1 wig is one of them. Maybe you have learned many kinds of lace wigs with different lace bases, like 13x4 lace wigs, 13x6 lace wigs, but now, what is a 13x6x1 wig. Keep reading and we will get into all about it.

What is 13x6x1 wig?

13x6x1 wig is a kind of T part wig with lace base, the Lace size is 13 inch ear to ear, 6 inches in-depth, and the width of the part is 1 inch(see picture below), so it can be called 13x6x1 lace wig or 13x6x1 t part wig. Because all the lace caps of the T part wigs are in front of the whole wig, it also can be called 13x6x1 lace front wig.

 If you are not clear with what is T part wig is, click What is T part wig to check the details about it.

13x6x1 wig

 Characteristics of 13x6x1 wig

This kind of wig belongs to lace wig, it has all the characteristics of lace wigs. But it has fine distinction with it. Here are the characteristics of 13x6x1 wig:

1. Type

This wig is quite similar to a standard lace wig. However, it has less lace, and so the hand-sewn section is less than regular full-frontal lace wigs.

2. Construction

You can see from the image where this wig gets its name. And we have mentioned it in the previous text. The lace part of the wig is shaped like a T. And as you can see from the many T part lace wigs in our store, you can get it as a part straight down the middle or to the side.  

3. Style

Now, this is where it gets nice. The T part wig is quite versatile, and you can style it in as many ways as persons do with a lace front wig. So, you can get creative with your styles.

Pros and Cons Of 13x6x1 Wig

Nothing else is perfect in the world, this wig is no exception. We have summarized a few points about the pros and cons of 13x6x1 lace front wig for your information


1. Natural hairline

This is the biggest advantage of 13x6x1 t part lace wigs, and this is why they are popular. When you turn the wig cap over to the inside, you’ll notice the wig has a full front hairline area. So, this leads to a similar natural result that you would get with a more expensive lace frontal wig.

2. Affordable price

You know that t part lace wig is one of the most affordable wigs, you can pay less than a lace front wig to get a 13x6x1 t part wig which has the same effect.

3. Lazy person modeling

With this wig, you will not worry about how to style it. It comes ready to use. There’s no need for you to sew the bundle or buy or use any other wig parts to be able to wear it. It’s wearable right out the box.


The only con of this wig is the T part and lace only at the T section, which means the part line is fixed,  you can not make other part side styles, this is also the reason why it is affordable. And compared with a full-frontal lace wig, this wig has less lace area, so it may be not as much comfortable as a standard full-frontal lace wig.

But despite that, you can still style this wig in a variety of ways, including curling, crimping, straightening, and dyeing. So, for the person who wants an easy style and installment wig, this 13x6x1 lace wig or other kinds of T part wigs are good choices.

Similar Products With 13x6x1 Wig

There are different sizes of t part lace wigs on the market, 13x6x1 are not the only choice. Some customers want a t part closure wig, maybe they do not 1-inch width, there are 0.75 widths to choose from. And for the depth, there is also have 5-inch depth to choose from.

1. T part lace wig

Nadula t part wig is one of the new wig styles, it has different lace part sizes, such as 13x5x0.75 t part wig, 4x0.75 t part wig, and others. Visit this page to choose Nadula T Part lace wigs.

4x0.75 t part wig

2. 13x6 Closure wig

13x6 lace closure wig is a full-frontal lace wig, the lace size is 13inch ear to ear and 6inch in depth. You can free part your wig and make any style. And it has much more area lace base, so it is much breathable in the hot season. Besides, the price is not much higher than the 13x6x1 wig. Click here to check them now.

13x6 lace front wig