Everyone wants to make hair weave as natural as possible, The closure is a good option, it can fit any style and all types of hair. Hair closure is needed when your natural hair doesn’t blend well with wave or extension, lace closure can be used to close an installation, if your hair may expose out obviously, at this time, you need a closure to prevent such occurrences.Hair closure is put on the top of the head to finish a natural style.

Here are closures supplied in the market, they come in different types and materials, and they are at different prices, if you don’t want to buy a closure outside, or you just want to make a closure yourself at home, you can make an invisible part, here you can learn how to make an ideal hair closure piece.

Things You Will Need:

  • Stocking Cap
  • Tracks Of Weave Hair
  • Hot Iron
  • Glue

hair closure

Firstly prepare your tracks of hair weave, it’s better to choose the long ones and put glue on the hair down the root of the weave. Make it grabs a little so that it can stick together well. And then pick one side and go straight to roll around slowly, remember to roll it tight so that the roll really tight together. Place the hot iron in the middle to flatten the hair down. Make sure that the track stays flat and is natural looking.

Apply the hot iron for about a minute at no more than 250 degrees Fahrenheit. After the weave was done, you can shape your stocking cap used as a natural scalp. You can color the cap to match your skin tone, and cut it into a square, make sure it will fit the closure you made just now. Apply glue on the edge of the cap square, not the center. Smooth the hairpiece, flatten the square, and let it dry.

hair closure

hair closure

It is easy to make a hair closure piece at home, you just need to prepare the hair weave piece and the tools needed. I not only can save money but also can save the time to go to a salon or market to pick a fit closure and wait for the money. But if you don't have too much time to do so, you can choose to buy a closure in an online shop such as Nadula hair. Nadula hair supplies virgin human hair which can bring a natural hair look to you.

Some Cheap And Good Quality Hair Closures:

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