In recent years, many customers are looking for wholesale mink hair vendors, But do you really know what is mink hair? mink Brazilian hair & mink hair weave? "Do you have any mink virgin hair?", "Do you supply wholesale mink Brazilian hair bundles?", "OMG! My mink hair bundles are so amazing!".

You may often hear someone ask you about mink hair extensions and these items pop up everywhere in recent years. The mink hair includes mink Brazilian hair, mink Peruvian hair, mink Indian hair, mink Malaysian hair, etc, wherever you see on the world map. Do you know what is real mink hair? As one of the professional wholesale hair vendors, let us explain to you what real mink hair is.

mink virgin hair

1. Mink hair is animal hair

Mink hair from the word meaning is the fur of an animal called "Mink".

Yes, from the animal Mink you can get real mink hair. The real mink hair is very soft, silky and short, it may be made for eyelash but could not be made for hair extensions. You definitely want the 100% real human hair rather than animal hair. Here following I attached the animal mink picture for your reference.

2. Mink hair is short 

On the other side, the fur of mink is very short. How can the mink hair be made for hair extensions? 20 inches mink hair or 26 inches mink hair? That's ridiculous. Maybe it is 1000-year-old mink.

mink hair vendors

Where does "Mink hair" come from?

I guess some ladies buy mink hair eyelashes which are in very good quality, then she would ask the hair vendors, "do you also have mink hair extensions?" The vendors said, yes, we do supply mink hair extensions. When the ladies have received the "mink hair extensions", she is so satisfied with the quality. Then she told her friends that she received the mink hair which is so amazing. Her friends to tell her other friends. Yeah, this is a normal phenomenon, people have good things all want to share and let more people know this is a good thing. Finally, the mink hair extensions are more and more popular. 

As you see in this process, the hair vendor has played a key role. It sold the client is real mink hair? Absolutely NOT! Just tell her that it is mink hair, in fact, it is human hair. Marketing also is a big part of hair extensions, to meet client's demand, some hair vendors would say the mink hair is "100% real mink Brazilian hair", "young single donor hair" or other reasons which can help them to sell hair at a higher price.

In my view, people use mink hair to describe very good quality hair that is softer, silkier and glossy, no tangling, no shedding. Actually, this is a truth and also a kind of trend that saying you have mink hair and it would meet your client's demand.

mink hair bundles

Usually we could easily say our virgin Brazilian hair is real mink Brazilian hair, the hair quality is very good, the hair end is very full volume, full cuticles, it can be used very long time and all hair have the same direction to reducing tangling, double stitch wefts can reduce shedding and anything else you want to expect from the high-quality hair extensions.

Mink hair is 100% marketing words, it can become any kinds of hair that you want it to be, it has no real classification. We can call Peruvian hair and mink Peruvian hair, Indian hair as mink Indian hair, Malaysian hair as mink Malaysian hair, etc.

In hair extensions markets, most hair vendors use many different terms to marketing their hair products, such as mink hair, hair grade(7A, 8A, 9A, 10A), virgin hair, remy hair and so on. In process of selling hair extensions, hair extensions marketing is playing an important role. So before you buy hair extensions, we would suggest you understand some hair items that used for describing hair extensions, this can help you spend less money buy good hair extensions, like a professional. Very helpful!

mink hair

When you buying hair extensions you can ask some questions like:

a. Is this 100% human hair bundles without any animal hair or synthetic hair mixed?

b. Is this virgin hair is full cuticles aligned with the same direction?

c. What colors can be your hair dyed to?

d. The hair weave is a double stitch or single stitch?

e. What is the weight of the hair bundles? Usually, it is 100 grams per bundle.

Totally, now on the market mink hair extensions are not real mink hair, it is just a hair extensions statement. Also more and more mean quality virgin hair. This is the marketing way.

JC Hair Factory is one of best factory based wholesale virgin hair suppliers for more than 15 years. We always supply good quality virgin hair extensions at competitive factory prices for a long-term business cooperation purpose. If you have any inquiries and questions, please feel free to contact us directly. Welcome to visit our factory!!!

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