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Now let's learn more about full lace front wigs and human hair cheap:

              What Is Full Lace Wig?

Full lace wigs have a base that is made fully of lace, unlike the lace front wig. This means full lace wigs are a bit more versatile than a lace front wig because they can be worn in different hairstyles. This puts full lace wigs at a higher price point than a lace front wig as well. A full lace wig covers the entire head and must be installed slightly differently than a lace front wig that is only attached at the front edges of your head. It is best to wear a wig cap, especially when installing a full lace wig since it will be covering your entire head.

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Mention wholesale full lace wig, you will ask what is lace front wig is and what is the difference between them. Ok, let's see what is lace front wig now:

              What Is Lace Front Wig?

Human hair lace front wigs are wigs with a piece of lace placed at the hairline position of the head. The size of the lace is 13x4 inch or 13x6 inch or other smaller size. The virgin human hair in this piece is sewn into the hole of the lace by hand. The other part of the wig is a thinner and firm material, the virgin human hair is sewn into this material. Lace front wigs just need you bond the lace part to your head, easy for wearing.

lace front wig

                  What Is The Difference Between Full Lace Wig and Lace Front Wig?

1. The lace area is different:

Lace front wigs have a little part of lace that can well cover the hairline, full lace wigs have the entire lace cap base, which can completely cover the entire head.

2. Ability to withstand tearing is different:

The ability to withstand the tearing of full lace wigs is higher than lace front wigs because of the lace area.

3. Durability is different:

Since the full lace wigs will be posted to the head entirely, the durability is well. The wearer can even go swimming or attend other strenuous exercises, no need to worry about wigs dropping and damage.

4. The hair volume is different:

The hair of full lace wigs is knotted into lace holes by hand, however, lace front wigs can give the wigs more hair at the back of the wig, so lace front wigs will be fuller than full lace wigs based on the same density.

5. Use is different:

Lace front wigs can only place the lace area at the front top of the head. But you can place it anywhere you want for full lace wigs.

6. Complexity is different

Lace front wigs are easier for wearing than full lace wigs because you have to paste all the lace cap to your head when you wearing full lace wigs.

7. Cost is different:

The price of full lace human hair wigs is higher than human hair lace front wigs.

8. Breathability is different:

The breathability of full lace wigs is better than lace front wigs because lace has good breathability.

9. The variability of hairstyles is different

You can comb different hairstyles with full lace wigs, you can even comb your hair to a back high ponytail. But you can only comb the middle part or side part by wearing lace front wigs.

 How To Confirm A Full Lace Wig Wholesaler?

Back to wholesale full lace wigs, if you want to confirm whether the supplier is the right one you are finding, you need to do many things. Of course, a Google search will help you. But besides, you can learn more about the wholesalers from other aspects:

1. Make a phone call

If the supplier only provides a phone number, not a landline, an alarm in every buyer should sound off. In some countries, people can buy several mobile numbers without limitation. That's why most of fraudsters use a mobile phone instead of a landline.

2. Check out the business license

Full lace wigs wholesale suppliers must register with the government. They also have only one registration number. If they are unable to provide this number, it'll be too risky to make any sales with them.

3. Ask for references

Asking for advice or recommendations from experienced buyers is the best. They will give us the most genuine comment on the brand we're going to buy wigs from. Thus, buyers are likely to make their decision easier and avoid any risks.

4. Ask for a sample

Whether we're buying wholesale wigs or other products, ask for an example even if we have to pay for it. Buyers can check the quality to assure the exact product is what they're looking for.

5. Pay attention to the price

About payment methods, buyers should tell the potential full lace wigs wholesale supplier that they want to receive the product from a local agent and pay money directly. This can help to reduce the risk of buying a low-quality and poor outcome.


Full lace wigs can full fill your head perfectly. So you must refer to many aspects to confirm a good wholesale full lace wigs supplier if you have this demand. This can help you confirm their quality, their service, and other things you care about. If you have any questions, welcome to give a comment or contact Nadula.