Wigs have become increasingly popular in recent years because they can keep their color、style and shape for a long time, and can be dyed or permed according to individual needs. Most girls prefer to buy wigs directly online, in addition to choosing wigs from physical stores offline. However, when we were excited to open the new wig in a box, we found that it looked second-hand and unnatural, and completely different from the picture on the website. Don't worry, I will answer this series of questions for you.

perfect human hair wig

Factors that affect the big difference between the real wig and the picture

It is normal for you to think that the wig you just received is different in color, style, and shape from the wig you see in the picture. The wig photos on the website show the best state of the wig, while the wig you just opened the box has gone through many procedures before it is delivered to you. It is normal for there to be differences. Here, there are factors that affect the big difference between the real wig and the picture you can learn about.

perfect human hair wig

1. The packaging of the wig is compressed

One of the main reasons for the difference between the appearance and the picture of the wig just removed from the package is that the package of the wig is severely compressed. To minimize space during transportation and storage, wigs are packed tightly, resulting in squashed hair fibers that look far from their natural luster. perfect human hair wig
In fact, you can carefully remove the wig from the packaging and shake it gently. You can also use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to fluff your hair and restore its longed-for volume. To speed up the process, consider leaving the wig in a wig rack for a few hours or overnight to allow the fibers to return to their original shape.

perfect human hair wig

2. Styling products are left over from the wig

Wigs are carefully shaped during their production in order to maintain their shape and style during transportation. When you first remove your wig from the packaging, this often results in a stiff and unnatural appearance as the strands are unable to freely fall or mimic natural movements. perfect human hair wig
The best solution is to wash the wig as soon as you receive it. Cleaning the wig will help remove product residue and return it to a more realistic state.

perfect human hair wig

3. Static electricity can cause frizzy hair and make the strands stick together, making the wig look stale

Wigs are prone to static electricity, especially human hair wigs. This annoying problem can make your wig look frizzy, causing the strands to stick together and even stand up, quite unlike the gleaming photos on the website, which is quite normal.
You can protect your wig from static by lightly spraying it with a mixture of softener and water, or by using an anti-static spray designed for wigs. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb through your hair, starting at the end and working your way up.

perfect human hair wig

Where can I buy a perfect human hair wig?

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You can embark on an exciting journey of self-expression by experimenting with various styling techniques to find the wig look that works best for you. Look for synthetic or human hair wigs that are resistant to high temperatures and can be curled, straightened, or styled with low heat. Seeking the guidance of a professional stylist is also very valuable to customize the wig to suit your personal preferences.