Have you ever noticed that whether it is your natural hair or your wig, they sometimes show different colors? When you get a wig, you will find that the color of the wig seems to be different at the time when you take it out in the room and when you wear it outdoor. Then what caused the color differences? Today we will analyze the reasons for you in this post and give you some examples.

Why the Color Looks Different in Different Occasions?

In fact, many factors affect the color of your wig. The intensity and the color of light and the circumstance are the unignorable elements. And the light is the most important factor among them.

If you have ever observed, you may have found that your wig seems to have different colors between day and night, between indoors and outdoors, between the natural color and colored light circumstances.  

We can always see different colors in the surroundings, have you ever thought about the reasons? Everything will reflect the light of the same color as its own, and absorb the light of other colors. When you are in place with strong bright, the reflected light will be brighter and more glossy, while in a dark place, the opposite is true.

It is remarkable that you may find color differences between the posted picture of the wig and the wig you get. Yes, different camera equipment will also cause color differences in photos. In the following, we will show you some examples of the same wigs different colors.

1. #8 Straight Wig

The first one is straight medium blonde hair. Straight and smooth blond hair will add a gentle temperament to people. This hair wig is the first choice for many people.

There is a picture, from which we can see that it shows different colors under different intensities of sunlight. Besides, the pictures, taken by iPhone and camera, also look different.

The fourth one looks most bright and closer to blond. The third pictures wig color, under natural light and also taken by iPhone, looks darker and is close to brown. And the pictures of the wig taken by the camera look brighter and show lighter color than the pictures taken by iPhone. Therefore, the pixels of the equipment will also make the wig look different in the photos.


2. #1B427 Body Wave Wig

This is an ombre hair wig. The wig color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. It is more layered in color, which escapes from the monotony of pure color wigs and makes people look more gorgeous and attractive.

Firstly, the right three pictures are brighter than the left three, which also demonstrates that equipment can influence the color visually. You can that the first one seems to have more vibrant colors than all the other wigs. Lets focus on the light of the first picture, it is taken under warm light in the room.

Generally speaking, warm light has a red to yellowish appearance, which is very similar to the undertone of a #1B427 wig. The wig can reflect the yellow and red color so that it looks more vibrant under warm light than other kinds of light.


3. #99J Straight Wig

The color mimics the wine. Red is always more eye-catching and can show your unique personality. Besides, same as all the wigs we mentioned above, it is also made out of 100% human hair, it will not shed or tangle. If you want to be different from others, then a #99J wig is very suitable for you.

All the pictures are taken in the room. The color under natural light in the room looks darker than any other. The fourth is the brightest among all the pictures. Light is always the most important factor that affects the color visually. If you wear this wig, your hair will be very gorgeous outside.


4. F430 Loose Wavy Wig

This wig has a very versatile color, which will suit all girls with different tones of skin. Loose wave is also a popular style. They have smaller and tighter curls than body wave wigs. And their curls are more bouncy and will last for a longer time.

It looks brightest and the most lustrous under the sunlight outside. Besides, this is a wonderful example that can state the influence of surroundings. The fourth and the fifth picture are taken in orange and yellow background. And you can find some slight difference in color between. The former shows darker brown and the latter seems to have a little bit of yellow.



Today we have discussed why a wig will look different under different lights and different surroundings. Besides, taking pictures of the same wig with different equipment will also look different.

All in all, if you find your wig sometimes looks different, and if you feel that the wig color is different from the pictures you see on the Internet, they are very normal. When you get your new wig, you can check the color under natural light outside, it will show its natural color.

Upholding the principle of customer first, if you purchase a wig from Nadula and are not satisfied with the color, you can return it to us. You can consult our service about the specific information if you need it. Hope you can choose your favorite color of the wig.