It's not very easy to know what a good wig should look like, especially if you've never tried one before. Many people don't know that their lifestyle can dictate the type of wig they purchase. Are you here because you want to understand the relationship between your lifestyle and the type of wig you should be wearing, you have come to the right place.

Once you're done going through this piece, you should clearly understand wigs and lifestyle and many other things that can make you a good wig wearer. Therefore, let's get started. Remember, to gain enough insights and make accurate decisions, be sure to through this piece in its entirety.

Does Your Lifestyle Affect Your Wig Choice?

First, you should find out whether you live a sedentary life or if you're someone who goes out more and lives an active lifestyle. This alone should guide you to find something that fits in.

Our synthetic wigs work great for those who tend to spend more time at home or in the office. These are the sort of wigs for those who don't walk out more. However, it would be best if you understood that they might be less durable compared to human hair ginger wigs. But they're great because they can keep you warm, plus they come with small price tags.

Wigs and Looks

It helps to understand that your lifestyle influences the looks you would like to attain when you put on your wig. Thereby, when making a decision, you must think about your frequent look and let it guide you when shopping on our platform.

Those that work in the office can never go wrong with short wigs because it helps them achieve a more professional look. Pre-style wigs also work wonders if you need something that would work on the cute side.

But you might not be sure how to curl your wig, so you might have to shop again. But if you go to a burnt orange-red wig expert, they can curl them for you at a reasonable price. Just like you would go to a natural hairstylist for the special occasion you have been waiting for.

If you look up our site, you’ll notice that we also have heat-friendly synthetic wigs, which let you employ up to 350 degrees of heat as you style. But suppose you want cute-looking curls, then it helps to pick wigs that come curled.

Lifestyle and Color are Also Important

You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to making your choice based on color variation. However, you should purchase natural hair wigs that look like your natural hair. You can then try other colors later once you get familiar with different wig types.

Other than your hair color, it would help if you never ignored the importance of your skin tone when making a decision. On our website,, you'll find a vast range of colors that match your skin color. Note that variations can also occur based on the wig brands.

The truth is, that many new users find it hard to choose the best wigs because of the color variation. But if you take your time, you’ll notice that the process becomes much easier. If you mess up the color, the chances are that you won’t enjoy putting on your wig, which should not be the case.

If you check different brands, you'll notice how the colors vary among them. So, you might have a hard time moving from one brand to another. In some cases, the color variation can be negligible, hence misleading.

To make things easier for you, it helps to know the exact color name of your ideal wig style. That way, you won’t struggle to look for the right color on our platform when shopping with us.

Does The Cap Size Matter?

It will help if you put on something that'll not deny you comfort. But the size of your wig is an important aspect to consider because it will determine the amount of comfort you get.

For instance, if the wig is too small, it will not fit on your head, and if you force it, you won't be able to wear it too long before it squeezes your head and causes you discomfort. Also, remember, you don't want people to know that you're wearing a wig. Thus, it would be best if you avoided something way bigger than the size of your head.

At least 96% of wig wearers are of average size. However, it's possible to find wigs that come in large or petite sizes as well. It all depends on the size of your cap. In the next section, we're going to discover how to find wigs that match your capsize.

How Do You Find Your Wig Cap Size?

This hard part can make you waste money on an item you don't need. Are you unsure about your capsize? If so, use a tailoring measuring tape to get the correct measurement. Place the tape around your head and measure the circumference. Here is an article that you can refer to How to measure head for wig?

To get the accurate measurement, you want to start from the hairline right behind your ear and take it all the way to the nape of your neck. From there, place the tape behind the other ear, and move it back to the end at the front of the hairline.

Note that you can make an error while taking the measurement, so be sure to repeat the same process at least thrice. Once you have the results, try to match them to the list below:

  • Child: 19 inches
  • Petite: 21 inches
  • Petite/average: 22 inches
  • Average/large: 22.5 inches
  • Large: 23 inches

But if you choose to use a different chart from the one above, be sure it’s about circumference because that is what you measured. You should know that some charts only provide ear-to-ear measurements; in that case, you should not use circumference measurement.

The good thing with most wigs is that they come with straps. The wig straps make them more convenient to wear because they let you adjust the size of the wigs to achieve the best fit possible.

You can adjust to larger or smaller sizes by half an inch using the straps. You shouldn't focus too much on the straps when getting the right to capsize. The straps should just be an alternative. Use the method above to get the right measurement of your circumference, and you'll be good to go.

Wig Cap Construction

It's easy to think that the only difference between wigs lies in the style. But there're finer details you should know about. The other thing you should know about is known as the wig cap construction. It can help you choose a wig that matches your lifestyle.

Have you ever wondered how wig hair is attached to the cap? The construction varies from one brand to another. Also, each construction style comes with the perks that make it unique, and this explains why some wigs tend to be more expensive than the rest.

As a wig wearer, you shouldn’t reject a certain wig because it happens to be more expensive than you anticipated. In most cases, you’ll only end up getting the value you paid for.

For instance, if you pay more for a wig, you should expect it to last many years. An expensive wig will also give you a more natural look. Therefore, you should understand the different cap constructions available and only go for the best when shopping.

Difference Constructions Available

Here are the cap constructions you should know when you go shopping:

1. Lace Front Wig

Would you like to get a perfectly natural hairline? Then you should consider a lace front wig. This style also works best if you're someone who works their hair from the front backward.

With a lace front wig, all hair has been hand-tied to the lace section, but not the entire cap. Also, this material is quite delicate compared to other types of construction, so you should handle it carefully. This indicates that this type of construction might not be ideal if you lead an active lifestyle.

2. Monofilament Top Wig

The good thing with a monofilament top wig is that it looks like the hair grows from the scalp. It'll make people think that you have natural hair, which is great. That way, you can wear this type of wig with a lot of confidence and even tell people that it's your natural hair.

Also, if you want comfort, you should choose a monofilament top wig.

3. Open Cap/Wefted Wig

Open Cap wig is the simplest construction. Due to the pre-teasing at the roots of the wig, it can give you an instant lift. This construction is also quite durable, so it tends to cost more than other wig types.

It'll make your scalp feel cool because it ensures enough ventilation. The construction comes with many options, such as traditional and capless types.

The Bottom Line

This article shows you how your lifestyle can impact the type of burnt orange red wig you choose from our website. Once you've spotted the best wig to purchase, let's know if you have any concerns. You can either place your order right from our platform or ask our support team to show you the way forward.