Bangs are the defining feature of many hairstyles, You can find that many celebrities will design different bangs for themselves, the baby bangs of Audrey Hepburn, the curtain fringe of Brigitte Bardot, the blunt bangs of Zooey Deschanel. Cut wig bangs are complicated, and between the constant pruning, and the ups and downs of the fringe trend, bangs can be a pain. What is the good news? There is a solution: wigs. The wigs with bangs don't need to be trimmed and have a unique style. Today I will tell you all about wigs with bangs.

How to cut wig bangs?

How to cut bangs on wigs has always been a very demanding wig query tutorial, I can tell you how to cut wig bangs based on my experience. If you want to know how to cut bangs on a middle part wig, the measures are the same.

1. Split your bangs

To trim bangs on your wig, you need a pair of sharp scissors. Comb your hair and separate the parts of your bangs that need to be trimmed. The rest of the hair that doesn't need to be trimmed can be tied into a low ponytail.

2. Trim the wig bangs gradually

Trimming wigs gradually, cutting only one side at a time will help keep them straight and create straight, horizontal bangs. If you want to cut bangs on a wig in the right way, you must trim off 0.32-0.64 cm at a time to know which length is adequate. After that, you repeat the process with another section, then comb both sections, check the length, and trim as needed to ensure the appearance.

3. Decorate your wig bangs

Styling your bangs with a comb, spraying them with hairspray, and holding them in place, that's all you need to do for flawless wig bangs. In this way, you can clearly know how to trim bangs on a wig.

Decorate your wig bangs

How to wear wigs with bangs correctly?

Maybe you think cutting bangs with wigs will be difficult for you, you may buy wig bangs directly. Can you wear a wig with bangs in a quick and right way? If you don't do it the right way, a wig with bangs won't work. Why do other people wear wigs with bangs, looks like the amount of hair full of energy, and you wear a wig with bangs, just like a brine egg. Oh, honey, that's why you're not wearing it in the correct way.

Can you wear a wig with bangs in a quick and right way?

1. Get enough tools

You'll need some tools to make sure the process of wearing wig bangs goes smoothly. The human hair or synthetic wig with bangs, hair dryers, wide-toothed combs, wig caps, hairpins, and styling products.

2. Wash your wig

If your wigs have just arrived, the first step you need to take is to wash your wig. When they are semi-dry, you should dry them with a hairdryer and a wide-toothed comb. Of course, if your wig hasn't been used for a long time, it's best to wash it too.

3. Put on a wig cap

If you are buying a lace wig, you will need to remove any excess lace you feel around the bangs of the wig, then trim and secure the wig cap on your head. If the cap doesn't match your skin tone, apply some hairline powder around the edges and then tuck your hair into the cap.

4. Wear a wig with bangs

After wearing a wig with bangs, you will need to apply a holding product to the hairline part of the wig to make the lace mesh fit the scalp better.

What are the best wigs with bangs?

There are also many options for wigs with bangs. You will be completely confused by the variety of wigs with bangs on the wig market. Today I will recommend some of the top wigs with bangs to take the confusion out of choosing a wig with bangs.

1. Human hair bob wig with bangs

Human hair bob wig with bangs

Who can say no to a bob wig with bangs? This 10 inches bob wig with bangs is a great way to handle the length issue. You can pair the 10 inches length with big earrings to accentuate your fashion sense. Of course, you can also tie it in half, leaving a few strands on your forehead for another feeling. The hair quality of human hair bob wigs with bangs is very smooth, which means it is very easy to maintain, because it is not long, so it does not knot easily.

2. Bouncy curls short human hair wigs with bangs

Bouncy curls short human hair wigs with bangs

A curly wig with bangs is a type of curly hair that looks extra fluffy and bushy. They are a great way to accentuate the volume of your hair. The bouncy curls are perfect. It's a hairpiece with bangs that's so close to your original hair that when you wear it, people think it's your own hair, which is awesome!

3. Dark brown straight human hair wig with bangs

Dark brown straight human hair wig with bangs

Dark brown hair color will bring endless possibilities to your appearance and will never go out of style. This dark brown wig with bangs comes in 7 lengths. You don't have to worry about a wig that's too long or too short, just choose what works for you. You can also wear your hair in a half-ponytail if you don't want it to be too drab for a very young and cute look.


Wigs with bangs are the ideal type of wig for girls who don't have much time to decorate themselves in the morning and are in a rush to get to work or something else. Is it difficult to trim the bangs of a wig? The above method also works for wigs without bangs or is very appropriate if you want to trim your own hair and create a banged look.