Lemonade braids were originally known as side braids, they weren’t a trendy hairstyle when they first started, but they’ve been around for a long time, and they’re always refreshing. Ever since Beyoncé debuted the hairstyle on her iconic Lemonade album, they've been all the rage. The album Lemonade is a visual masterpiece rooted in feminism, a celebration of black women and African history, and the entire video pays homage to women's culture. Beyoncé has also shown so much style in her video album.

The iconic way lemonade braids have a dramatic part on the side, but now there are many variations and more looks like mixing different sized braids, topknots, buns, and more. Let’s take a look at 10 different lemonade braid hairstyles for black women below and get some creative inspiration from them.

1. Small Lemonade Braids

Small Lemonade Braids

Anyone can get small lemonade braids. But it is more suitable for women with thinning hair. It does not put any pressure on the scalp or hair strands. Following the cornrow-to-side pattern, your stylist divides your hair into small cornrows before braiding. It takes a little more time to get this hairstyle done at the salon, but it's worth the patience. Small braids give your hair the look of volume without the weight of chunky lemonade braids.

2. Ponytail Lemonade Braids

Ponytail Lemonade Braids

You can combine lemonade braids with a ponytail look by wearing a long and stylish ponytail on your head, making your lemonade braids look chic and quirky with a dash of style! Be sure to follow the lemonade braid rule, starting the ponytail just above the nape and leading up the sides. Put the ponytail on top of your head and sweep it to the side, and you have the most beautiful and stylish ponytail lemonade braids!

3. Boho Lemonade Braids

Boho Lemonade Braids

Here is a classic lemonade braid hairstyle swept to one side. The curvy design of the traditional cornrow makes for an eye-catching hairstyle. You can take your braids a step further by adding accessories to your lemonade braids for an added boho vibe.

4. Lemonade Braids Updo

Lemonade Braids Updo

This look is casual yet elegant. Thin lemonade braids are braided up into a high bun. The longer the hair, the more textured and dynamic the updo will look. You can also leave some of the braids loose at the ends so that the soft, spiraled ends hang casually from your face.

5. Big Lemonade Braids

Big Lemonade Braids

Making the lemonade braids bigger and adding some gorgeous colored headbands while braiding the side braids will liven up the look. If you want to add your own ideas, style, or accessories when creating hairstyles, you can consider this hairstyle, and incorporate accessories such as headbands into the hairstyle for night out or casual sports outfits.

6. All In One Braid

All In One Braid

It's always fun to mix braids of different sizes. You can take a small lemonade braid as a middle part and arrange large and small braids around it, make a look you like by cross-wrapping, etc., and secure it. This mixed braid hairstyle is perfect for girls who always opt for unique hairstyles.

7. Lemonade Braids with Accessories

Lemonade Braids with Accessories

This is a classic version of lemonade braids. The gold accessories are the highlight of this hairstyle, and the golden accessories are fixed on the braid at intervals, which looks fun and suitable for any occasion.

8. Micro Lemonade Braids

 Micro Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids can be small and it is combined with micro braids for a low-maintenance and protective hairstyle. Although it takes a lot of time to get them done, they tend to last the longest and are also great for women with thinning hair.

9. Short Lemonade Braids

Short Lemonade Braids

Short lemon braids can free your hair from the bulk of extra-long extensions and make your scalp feel comfortable. Plus, they require fewer hair extensions to install, it doesn't take much of your time to get the hairstyle done, they also require little maintenance, and are portable. Short braided hair also keeps you cooler during the warmer months and is perfect for summer hairstyles.

10. Beyonce Lemonade Braids

Beyonce Lemonade Braids

Beyonce rekindled the Lemonade Braids hairstyle, a braided version we also see in the "Lemonade" music video. And this braid is a classic style from the video. The cornrows were intertwined with wispy blonde hair extensions, and her lemonade braids lay back and came down to her waist, and she looked vibrant and gorgeous with a pair of oversized earrings. Call your sisters and try Beyonce's beautiful lemonade braids.