If you're a fearless lady who doesn't want to settle for boredom and plain hairstyles, you've come to the right place. Today I want to introduce you to a short hairstyle: fade haircut. For women, having long hair has always been a taboo. With the beginning of the modern era, people gradually noticed that women often showed off short hair. With a short haircut, you'll be able to market yourself more effectively. Read on for 10 of the best fade hairstyles for women that you must try in 2023.

1. Dark taper fade haircut

Dark taper fade haircut for women

If you don't like to shave the sides of your hair, you might like this neat, short hairstyle. The main advantage of the dark taper fade haircut is that it is easy to shape and maintain. In addition, the dark taper fades haircut works on all face shapes, so you can feel safe repeating this hairstyle with your stylist.

2. Curly taper haircut with highlights

Curly taper haircut with highlights for women

Do you have a lot of curls that look messy without styling? Please choose this amazing curly taper haircut with highlights that curl at the top and fade on the sides to give your hair a cool look. Add subtle highlights to make your natural tones more three-dimensional.

3. Dreadlocks with fade haircut

Dreadlocks with fade haircut for women

Braids are rope-like strands of hair that are praised for their outstanding texture. Despite looking carefree, they take a lot of time and patience to create, but the results are often worth it. You can braid them into curls, grow them long or spread them out, or remove some of the volume and weight by matching them with fade haircut. The choice is yours, so have fun.

4. Pompadour fade haircut

Pompadour fade haircut for women

Who says a fade hairstyle is only for men? Women can also have fade hairstyle! If your hair is soft and delicate, opt for this pompadour fade haircut. Create a style statement with your hairstyle. Don't be afraid to wear the outfit of your choice. Walk with confidence in this super elegant fade hairstyle.

5. Buzz cut with a fade for black women

Buzz cut with a fade for black women

You're sure to stand out in the crowd with this bold black women's faded hairstyle. In this style, the sides and back are completely faded, while the top is short permed hair. The obvious shaving line on the front just adds a bolder statement look to it.

6. Undercut fade on one side

Undercut fade on one side

If you're looking for a slightly edgy look, this undercut fades on one side is the perfect fit! It's almost a pixie hairstyle with longer side-swept bangs on one side and faded on the other!

7. Jumbo braids with fade haircut

Jumbo braids with fade haircut

The huge braids are meant to be visible because of their particularly large size. They are also good for the scalp because there is less pressure on it and it is quicker to install and remove. As for how you design them, it's entirely up to you, but some women like to pair braids with fade haircuts to remove some of the weight.

8. Mohawk with high fade haircut

Mohawk with high fade haircut

In the traditional Mohawk style, the hair is shaved off the sides, leaving a long strip in the middle of the head. There is no denying that this hairstyle will get people's attention, but it has a certain degree of styling difficulty and requires a lot of confidence to complete. Alternatively, you can try Mohawk with the high fade haircut, which has less length contrast and can lighten the look.

9. Fauk Hawk with taper fade haircut

Fauk Hawk with taper fade haircut

The Fauk hawk with taper fade haircut is a popular hairstyle for men, but who says women can't shake it? If you want a low-maintenance short haircut, the Fauk hawk with taper fade haircut is it, with no styling or grooming time required! The hair on the top will be short, but longer than the hair on the back and sides, and can be shaved well.

10. Long Afro fade haircut

Long Afro fade haircut

Embrace your natural hair with a gorgeous African hairstyle. If you have the patience and hair to grow as for your hair, the bigger the better. Not only is it an excellent way to show off the health and bulk of your hair, but it's also symbolic and associated with blackness and pride. To give it a modern ending, it can be worn in a long Afro fade haircut fashion.


The fade haircut works well with all hair types, such as curly, wavy, straight, or curly. The technique and length used to create the fade will vary depending on the hair type. Those with curly or updo hair may need a longer length and a gentle taper, which will avoid creating an unnaturally bulky look. For those with straight hair, a sharper taper and shorter length may be preferred to achieve a more edgy look. Talking to a stylist who has worked on your particular hairstyle will help you get the best out of wearing fade haircut.