The space bun has become a modern hairstyle classic and is ubiquitous on social media. This simple and elegant hairstyle has attracted the attention of many people. Today I'm going to recommend the top 10 space bun hairstyles for 2023, so you can wear a different space bun style every day.

different space bun style

What are space bun hairstyles?

The space bun is a fusion of a bun and a braid. They will give your appearance a playful feel and an easy-going vibe. This style can be worn on the top of your head or on the sides of your head. Best of all, they're perfect for bad hair days, and you can achieve this hairstyle in no time! Moreover, space buns are suitable for people with every hair length. By the way, the space bun is friendly with each hair type. What are space bun hairstyles?
Another benefit of space bun hairstyles is that they are extremely easy to customize. You can give yourself the look you want in many different ways. They can be shaped into a complete bun, or they can be shaped into a half-top, half-bottom shape to create a layered look.

10 wonderful space bun hairstyles for 2023

Are you looking for other space bun styles? Here are some fashion ideas for you to try! Whether you're looking for a messy space bun, a braided space bun, a low space bun, or a half-cut space bun, find the best space bun hairstyle for you in this section below. I hope you have a different space bun hairstyle every day.

wonderful space bun hairstyles for 2023

1. Twisted space buns

Are you tired of dealing with frizzy hair? Here's a hairstyle you can easily achieve without spending too much time styling your hair, which is twisted space buns. Several strands of twisted hair were wrapped around the space bag for an edgy, neat look.

2. Messy space buns

Do you like messy hair? I'm sure there's no girl who doesn't like a messy bun hairstyle. How about a messy space bun? And even better! A messy space bun is such a fun casual look at any time of year.

3. Low space buns

When it comes to space buns, most people think of high space buns, but low space bun hairstyles are super fun too! In the fall, when you want to let your hair down, but want to have the fashion sense of a space bun, a low space bun will be a great choice.

4. Jeweled space buns

Do you think space buns can be a bit monotonous? After you've created the traditional space bun, add some hair accessories, such as jewelry, to your hair. This brings some dimension to your space bun that you can rock out at spring break or an upcoming music festival. At your birthday party, a jeweled space bun hairstyle will make you more sparking!

5. Rainbow space buns

Make your rainbow-colored hair into a space bun that will do magic for everyone. Rainbow space buns, look very cool and add a touch of fun to your whole appearance. In addition, pastel colors have a soothing effect on the eyes and look good in the sun.

6. Coral space buns

The mix of rich orange and pretty pink tones looks surreal, reminiscent of sugar-coated shells! The space bun further adds feminine charm to the overall look.

7. Space buns with purple highlights

Do you like highlight hair? You can imagine that dark roots and purple highlights at the end of blonde hair look glamorous. Charming purple blends take this hairstyle to a whole new level. What's more, these highlight hair space bun styles only take a few minutes to complete, it is great for weekdays.

8. Half-up half-down space buns

This half up half down hairstyle is one of the most versatile and works with any hair length. Trust me, a space bun on a short haircut looks pretty cool. Add a gentle inward bend at the end to give the style a relaxed feel. In addition, it's a good way to hide forks.

9. Textured space buns

The textured space bun hairstyle, it's an understated, casual look that looks amazing on textured hair. Especially if you have kinky curly hair, it brings out the natural texture of hair and has a bit of a rebellious side. Wear this style on unwashed hair for better retention.

10. Braided space buns with a head scarf

Add a touch of color to your braids and space bun by wearing a scarf as a headband. This hairstyle looks beautiful and has a nostalgic feeling.


Space buns are easy to create and low maintenance, so if you're ready to do it, do it now!