For fashion women who love beauty, it is what we have been doing all the time to pay attention to fashion information, understand the trend changes and prepare for the first time. So for the coming fall, preparing the perfect fall hairstyle in advance is something we should consider now. Today we will introduce a charming and romantic 2023 perfect fall wig that can instantly brighten up your look.

1. Pre-Cut Lace Wig Wear and Go Honey Blonde Jerry Curly Highlight Wig

Today we will introducing a honey blonde highlight wig that is perfect for fall, its color is not as bright as full blonde hair, this human hair highlight wig has a mix of blonde and light brown, the two colors are intertwined It looks very interesting and looks more distinctive. The combination of two colors gives us a richer and fuller visual effect, avoiding the monotony of one color. If you are looking for the perfect autumn wig, then this wig must be one of your best choices. The charm of this wig is not only its wonderful color matching, but also its pre-cut lace, glueless install, which can be easily worn by both experienced and beginners for wig install.

honey blonde highlights

2. Detailed Installation Demonstration of Honey Blonde Higjlight Wig Wearer

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, my name is beige. Today's tutorial I am sharing all the details about that beautiful gorgeous blonde bombshell curly wig that you just saw me wear.

This wig is from Nadula hair, the wig is 24 inches, the hair color is honey blonde, the texture is Jerry curly, the cap construction is a 6x4, and a half lace closure. It comes with pre-cut lace and it was created on a breathable stretchy cap, the wig cap has a silicone strip in the back for high hairstyles, without the need for glue or adhesive, the wig cap features three combs and an elastic band. Here is an up close of the hairline, the knots are not bleached, but the hairline is pre-plucked, the color of this wig is so stunning, it's so beautiful, this is like a beautiful chestnut color. There are blonde Balayage highlights all throughout.

The first thing that I am going to do is tint the lace. I'm grabbing two different colors of lace tint, the first color is the color of my foundation and I'm spraying that on the hairline portion of the lace closure, the second color is the color of my scalp and I'm going to spray that on the inner portion of the lace closure. I'm doing two different layers of each color of lace tint and then I'm going to blow dry in between each layer for a custom color match, this step is always optional, but I do this with every install because I do not wear any wig caps underneath my wigs and this helps me melt the lace into my skin complexion a lot more seamlessly than a wig cap would. This is one of Nadula's ready to wear wigs. So the next thing that I'm going to do is basically style the wig and then put it on my head. To style the wig, I'm just going to grab a curling gel of choice and the one that I am using is wetline Extreme, I'm also grabbing my brush and detangling comb as well as a spray bottle of water. In small sections, I'm going to fully saturate the section with water, and then grab my detangling comb and detangle the section. Next, I'm just going to apply that gel and then use my brush from the bottoms on upwards to get these curls to pop. I'm going to follow those steps for the entire head and I'll come back when I'm at the front.

Okay, so now that I have defined the curls on this wig, I'm just going to grab my diffuser and start to diffuse through the hair, this is always optional, this will basically give me more body and volume and the final look is going to be really big voluminous hair. Do you prefer big curly hair or do you like your curly wigs to be sleek and defined?

Now I'm just going to grab some mousse and apply that to the hairline, I'm grabbing my brush and I'm just going to get those hairs to go in the direction that I want them to go into, and I'm also taking out some baby hairs as well, and now I'm just going to grab got 2b and that's going to lock all of the hairs into place. This is typically when I would cut the lace off of my wigs, but because this wig already came with pre-cut lace, I don't have to worry about that step, thank goodness, now I'm just going to put the wig on my head, just to see how everything is fitting, just to see how the hairline is looking, and it's looking really good so far. Do you guys see how it just blended and melted into my skin complexion? That has a lot to do with the lace tint.

Now I am just going to grab some powdered foundation and a flat brush, I'm just going to define the part a little bit more the knots were not bleached on this wig and putting the powder over the black knots helps make the knots disappear and it just makes the wig look a lot better if the knots are not bleached. After doing that I'm just going to grab some gel apply that to the baby hairs and then start swirling the little baby hairs on the side. Then I'm going to put my head scarf on, I'm not using any glue or gel or adhesive on the lace to lay it down, so this will be a completely glueless install, what I like about glueless installs with the baby hairs is that the baby hair is pretty much lay the wig down for you anyway, so you don't even have to use any adhesive because you'll have that security from the baby hairs being plastered onto your face, but you don't have to worry about extra damage to your hairline by putting any gel or adhesive on your actual hair. See, how it looks flat and it's down, and it looks like it has been glued down with adhesive, but there is no adhesive on it at all.

3. The Real Review About This Honey Blonde Highlight Wig

I love easy to put on ready to wear wigs, so I just want to show you guys how the wig is looking after only being diffused, these are the defined curls, personally I love big curly hair, we're going for Beyonce today, Shakira is somebody, we're going for shock somebody, so I'm just going to grab my pick, and I'm going to pick through the roots because I just like how the more voluminous curls look on my face shape, this is always optional of course, you don't have to do this either, but I think it looks it gives it more of a personality when it is picked out, you can see the color a lot better, you can see the highlights way better, and it just like when you walk into a room, it just demands everyone's attention, it's like a look at my wig what I'm saying such a beautiful wig.