Kinky straight wigs have always been a very popular wig for black women, because the kinky straight texture is the closest to the natural hair curls of black women, and can easily create the most realistic and natural look. If you are looking for such a natural and easy-to-wear human hair wig, then this post is just for you. In today’s blog, we will explain a super beginner-friendly natural U-part wig, which is kinky straight texture, you will be able to see the installation process of this hair, the installation effect and the real review of users.

1. Some Information about This U-part Wig Presented By a Fashionista

Welcome beautiful people, today's video I'm about to show y'all how I style this U-part wig from and I opted for this style wig because I felt for something like a natural hair blown out and straightened look, so it's not quite silk pressed. This is their kinky straight unit and I got it in 22 inches which is pretty longer than I expected, so it's still giving like a natural type of look. Acturally I didn't want some hair to look like a silk press, like super straight and silky, because I didn't want to do too much with my hair and too much heat, so we still want to kind of keep it like a protective style since majority of our hair is covered just that a little bit of leave out and because of the texture of the hair, we won't need to do too much heat, like it could simply be done with a nice blowout.

This is a great option if you don't feel like doing a lace frontal unit with all that glue and trying to make your lace stick, because I know sometimes that gets annoying. This wig is super lightweight, I didn't experience any shedding with this hair, it's just flowing and she can be curled, so if you want to do like a a type of wand curl look with this unit, you definitely can because she's 100% human hair, and it is a 150% density which is quite full for this hair, I don't think we needed any fuller than this.

kinky straight wig

2. How to Install And Style the Kinky Straight U-part Human hair wig

Now I'm going to show you how I installed it and styled it. Put some layers in it, get my hair involved, try to get my hair to match it as best as I could. I just tried to layer it to get my hair involved in the front, so it doesn't look like that you can see my hair with that blunt shorter length, so by layering it, it looks like everything is all unified, it's all flowy, everything is together.

Let's get straight into this styling. First I want to show you guys what I got in my package, so you can get all this stuff on the website. These are some tools that you can use: elastic band, eyelashes, brush, wig cap. This is what the wig is looking like straight out of the package and you're gonna cut off this mesh part in the middle when it's time to install. This is a 150% density and this is isn't even the most dense amount and you see how full this hair is. Now I had my hair in some cornrows because I've been wearing wearing wigs all week, so I just pulled out the middle braid and used my blow dryer to blow it out, I don't have any product apart from a leave-in in my hair so I'm not too worried about straining it, if you do have products on your hair, you need to wash that out before you do it. So I'm gonna install the wig now, my thing with this wig is that it comes with combs as opposed to clips, which has a pro and a con, because with the combs it's less tension, but also it kind of gives less security as opposed to when they come with actual clips, so what we're going to do is we're going to put some bobby pins in it later to get that extra security. I'm using the Tresemme serum on the hair before I actually um straighten it and then we're gonna go in with the bobby pins. I did like two bobby pins on each side and then two in the back just to make sure that that wig is snugged.

iron the hair

Now I'm just gonna go in with flat ironing this hair and look how flat the hair is, without being too silky. I didn't put it to um to the full heat ,because I wanted to make sure that my hair blended with it and also I didn't want to straighten my hair too much or apply too much heat. and I didn't experience any sheding with this hair, which is absolutely bomb, the hair was lightweight, super shiny and just absolutely giving love the quality of this hair. Now what I did was instead of combing through my hair with the hot comb, I just like do a little motion with the hot comb like you can see here with the roots. I don't have to put too much heat there, but still I needed heat to like flatten it a bit, that is basically it now. if you want to do more than that you can, but I didn't feel like it was necessary, because of the texture of the hair which is great, so I just do a little touch up here and there. I just like do a quick run through with a hot comb on the hair and this is how she's looking. Now I want to touch up my my edges a little bit with this little flat iron, this is optional for you, you don't got to do that if you don't want to.

comb the hair

3. The Final Look and Review

gorgeous final look

This is how the hair is looking like, look how easy this was to achieve like we're giving very much. I am absolutely in love with this look. And I also like do some layers in the front, it can blend even much better, because with the layering, it gives that different layers of the hair, because you know sometimes your natural hair sticks out in the front, depending on if you're doing a side part or a middle part, by layering the front of your hair, you can allow your natural hair to blend in better blunt short look in the front for a natural and unified look.