The elegance that comes with curls is timeless. Are you a curly hair fan? Are you looking for an easy-to-wear summer curly wig? Then this blog is more suitable for you. Today we will bring you the newest human hair wig type: pre-cut lace Jerry curly wig, which is a glueless human hair wig that is very easy to install and can be put on and gone. Let's take a look at this How did the fashionista wear it, and how she fitted and commented on the pre-cut Jerry curly wig?

Nadula Pre-cut Lace Wig

1. Some Basic Introduction about The Pre-Cut Jerry Curly Wig

Hey guys, today I'm going to be showcasing a glueless pre-cut wig, it is by the company nadula hair. This is the Jerry curly 5x5 lace closure wig, this is 24 inches in length, 150% in density, and this is what the cap construction is looking like, you get two combs on the side, no comb in the back and you do get a removable elastic band. This is what it is looking like, I didn't put any product in it, yet I bleached the knots on my unit. I did go in with my Taylor crowns lace tint, but I went in with the color almond instead of caramel because I feel like caramel is just a little bit too orange and look how well it blends into my skin. I don't feel like it looks too dark at all, that lace is already looking laid.

2. How to Install The Jerry Curly Pre-Cut Lace Wear-And-Go Wig

I am doing a glueless install. I'm gonna add bobby pins to the side for extra security just to make sure that the wig doesn't go anywhere, and I also want to show you guys what that parting space is looking like, I feel like this looks really good. I don't think I'm gonna have to go in and pluck anything, it's given scalp. I did not leave my bleach on for too long, because the knots were small, but I feel like it did enough to make it look super realistic. But if you want to rock this straight out of the pack, you definitely can.

side part style

I want to see what this is going to look like as a side part, I like to go in and curve my parting space, which is already looking good. Now, I will be using my mousse just to kind of give that melted effect in the front, just pushing all the hair back and I feel like mousse is really great to lay your wig down, especially if you're going to rock it glueless because it's given the illusion that is melted. So I'm just going to brush everything into place, I'm just brushing all the mousse into place at the front of the hairline and just kind of getting it exactly where I need it to be. This does come with a pre-pluck hairline and I didn't have to go in and pluck out any hair. I also didn't have to go in and trim down any of the lace, I feel like it came perfectly. but I cut that part down on the side to make baby hair, I'm using my edge brush to style and then tie the front of the hairline down, so I can work on styling this hair.

use the mousse

Now I'm going to go in with my wide tooth comb to get any kinks out before I add my product. Once everything is combed out, I'm going to go in with my spray bottle and wet the hair really well, making sure to really focus on those ends, because they are looking a little bit dry. Now to make sure the curls are popping, I'm going to go in with my curl cream and I'm gonna put a generous amount in making sure like I said. You can see that the curls are definitely starting to pop back into play, go in with my defining brush just to clump all the curls together.

dry the hair

I'm just going to place my diffuser on and get to drying all. Everything is fully dried down, y'all look how nice and juicy these curls are looking.

juicy curls

Now it's time for me to take off this elastic band, so we can see what the front of this hairline is looking like, it is looking good and natural. I'm going to place a little bit of powder into the parting space area, I do not even need to put the powder in the front because it just looks that good.

place a little powder

I'm just placing my Sleek and Shine Serum throughout this hair, I made sure to kind of bunch it all up without picking it out too much, because I don't want the hair to get frizzy, but with the serum, it does help to give the sleek look, and it also helps to protect against frizziness and flyaways. But look at how it looks, once I fluff everything up, it still has a really nice sheen to it.

place shine serum

This is the final look, this hair is so pretty. I'm gonna turn around, so you can see exactly what it looks like in the back. Even though it says that this is 24 inches, you guys know that it does get a bit shorter once the curls do dry down, but it even makes for a good ponytail. I also wanted to show you guys what the sides look like, everything looks really natural, it's even blending into my own hairline, and look at that pick-up and put down.

nice final look

The Final Thoughts about This Pre-Cut Jerry Curly Human Hair Wig

When it comes to this wig, I absolutely love these pre-cut wigs. I am here for them, the fact that I don't have to worry about cutting any lace, I feel like the parting space on this is still really nice. I did go in and bleach the knots because I feel like the knots were just a little bit dark, however, the knots are small, so if you don't want to go in and bleach or not, you don't have to. I added a little bit of powder into the parting space area. I didn't go in with any powder on the hairline because I added some of my tint sprays and I used the almond color, I feel like this just blends in really well with my skin tone, it's absolutely gorgeous. Now it is curly hair, so you still are going to have to maintain it. It won't get away with easy maintenance when it comes to this type of texture, I really don't have any cons on this wig, besides I feel like it's just too big, I wish that this came in a smaller cap size, I just did my strap all the way I got it as tight as possible. I also added some bobby pins on the side, I feel like if I added my silicone grip, it would be even more secure.

I think that the pre-cut wigs are just a go-to for the summertime, the pre-cut wigs are definitely two thumbs up. I only tried this curly texture so far, so I'm hoping to try some other textures. I feel like the curly is just looks good, the hair on it is soft, I didn't get a lot of shedding with this during the styling process. I don't feel like this is just for beginners, I feel like this is for somebody who just doesn't want to worry about cutting any lace, I didn't even have to go in and trim any extra pieces down.If you are interested in this one, you can click here to know more information about it.

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