Do you like easy and quick installation, classic hairstyles, and affordable real hair wigs? Today we will bring you a very simple and affordable wig with quick installation and high quality. This Internet celebrity has brought us the most authentic wearing evaluation, let us continue reading to see how she installs and evaluates this classic Jerry curly human hair wig.

Hey guys, let's get ready to do one of the cutest, easiest install I've ever done on my hair. I'm obsessed with this unit from the Nadula hair and I'm going to show you how to install it in a way that preserves your edges. Now let's get this install going.

It is Nadula hair, I'm showing you some of the things that they have to offer. They do have little silky robes, a storage bag, and they also have those really really thin wig caps that makes it really easy to blend your lace as well as the straps. Now I was so impressed with these curls, I'm just showing you this, this is Brazilian hair, it's a 13x4 lace frontal, it's 150% density and I prefer that because too much hair just doesn't look right. Now as far as the inside of the wig, if you want to use it as a glueless install you can, because they do have combs and a strap, but I chose to go ahead and apply it with some hairspray. And this is an up close look at the actual unit, It does come pre-plucked, but the knots were not bleached. so I did go ahead and do that offline, and you'll see me kind of examining that right there.

Jerry Curly Wave Lace affordable_wig

Now my key to a glue like a really simple install is get it pre-plucked that just helps me out, so after I bleach the knots, this is what the hair looks like after it is washed and conditioned is so shiny, it had a nice sheen, it was soft to the touch, no smell all of it, like it did really good during that process. So this is me installing the hair, now you'll see I'm not using glue, because I do not want to destroy my edges. Now I am going to show you the way that you can install this wig and get a really good hold but also keep your edges tab, so get you some lace tinting spray that really just helps you save on your makeup your foundation and stuff, so I go ahead and spray the cap just to make sure that it has a really good blend. When I go ahead and apply it, that spray is actually a little dark for me, but I make it work, you know this is how we do. So you spray the cap down, make sure any place that you might part the hair is spray, and then you want to spray the inside of the unit too, tint the lace because I've installed it without the spray, and when I tell you it looks a mess, it's horrible, so make sure you do a really thorough job at spraying down the wig. Now this is me applying, I use got 2b if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm not using no glue so you'll see me right here, going all around the hairline just to make sure I spray in front of the hairline, and that is where the wig will go.

Next step you'll see me be a little more thorough around my ear because that is where it tends to lift up a little more, and then I'm just taking my finger and making sure I spread the hairspray really good, because I want to have like the same be secure. So once the spray has dried down, now it is time to install the wig. So I'm going to use the comb in the back to apply it, and then you'll see me pull the lace up around my hairline and just making sure I don't get my edges out that's the whole point we're saving them, so I go and make sure I put it in front of the hairline and then I'm gonna just press down into the hairspray, you'll kind of see my method and making sure I pay extra attention around the ear tabs because those things will lift quickly. So let’s go ahead and get your strap and make sure you get that good old melt on, so I'm going to leave that there just until the spray is completely dry, and then I'm going to kind of work on my part. I just kind of like to do it here, so that as the hair dries. It'll dry in the position that I want it to be.

Next I chose to use mousse because it allows me to have more volume. If you want more definition, get you a gel. If you want more volume, get some mousse. Now as far as getting it flat. I focus the mousse right around the part, of course you could always get a wax stick and flat iron it or I mean I should say hot comb it down, but to me it wasn't necessary. So I just take some mousse or a foam, I should say and just flatten down around the part. So I went ahead and fixed it, and then I'm gonna go through the remainder of my hair and apply the foaming product, just to make sure I got really volumizers. I want to make sure every curl is nice, so anyway get that hair really good and covered with the styling product, and this is just me showing you how thorough I am just to make sure every strand is covered, and then once the product is applied just let the hair sit until it dries.

I'm gonna show you the next step, anyway make sure you got the foam ball on her boom. Finally, the next step is when we're going to cut the lace. I like to use an eyebrow shaper, because I just get a more thorough cut, because it's so much smaller, so I cut a little hole in the lace, go up to the hairline, just a little bit in front of it. Then I do a jagged kind of like zigzag motion to remove it, because a straight line across it, just don't look good. This is me showing you just kind of cut up right in front of the hairline or where you want the lace to be, and then do a jagged motion to go ahead and cut off the excess lace, take your time and do this around your entire hairline. And you'll kind of see the lace lifting a little bit, but y'all know I'm a fix that anyway. But go ahead and cut off the excess lace. Once it's done, get you some hairspray and you want to kind of slick that back down, you're gonna melt it, but make sure you move fast, because too much hairspray will cause it to live. So I'm gonna just go around push down that excess lace lifts it up, and then we're gonna put the strap back on it, so we can have a good old classic melts. Anyway, put the thing back on the hairspray, so it can melt. So while I'm doing that, I'm going to go ahead and put some concealer in the part, it can be a little bit more skin like, the skin tint spray makes it all one color, but then adding some concealer actually makes it more skin like.


I'm gonna show you the final results after I makeup. We're gonna do that together so as the lace was melting. I did my makeup and once it was dry, I took off the strap and like literally this is the final result, like boom. This is a 24 inch 150% density Jerry curly human hair wig, the hair was so soft, so amazing. It didn't have a stench to it, it was so easy to install, especially because it's pre-plucked. All you got to do is just bleach the knots and put this thing on. So if you're interested in this unit or anything else, you can click Nadula Hair, and check more. If you want to know more about Nadula real customers' reviews, please click here.