Are you looking for the most natural wearing and easiest-to-install wigs? Then you must not miss this blog. Because read on and you'll find the answer you're looking for - The Most Natural V-Part Wig. Super soft and comfortable human hair wig, the v-part design that can show your real hairline, you can easily show a natural look. No lace, no glue required, very friendly to novices. Below the fashionista shows us how she fits the V-part human hair wig and what she really thinks about it.

peruvian body wave hair

1. Get Ready For Clean V-part Wig

Hey you guys, today I am going to do something that I don't think I've done in quite a while, I want to say y'all I am going to blend my natural hair 4b 4c hair with a wig, I know shocking, right?

Now, you see, this unit is Jerry curly in 20 inches from Nadula, it's a V- part, I've already washed her all that great stuff, let her air dry. Give you guys a close-up of this particular unit, if you are new or if you just need something in your stash, that's really easy for the summertime V part units are the way to go. You don't have to worry about any lace, they don't come with any lace, it's still going to be nice and secured because you see all the clips and there are options to either wear some of your hair out with a V-part or tuck it all away.

2. Cut To Desired Hair Length And Get Soft Curls

Cut To Desired Hair Length

Let's go ahead and get into styling this. My natural hair underneath this cap is an absolute mess, it's a disaster. Anyway, let's go ahead and see me styling the hair, I just tried to make this as simple as possible by blending my 4b4c hair into this unit, and honestly, it came out okay, but I was not happy with this outcome, and I wanted something much easier for you guys to do this summer, so here we are.

First, I just started off wash the unit, this is her, like a little damp, and then I'm just gonna cut some of the lengths off because I just wasn't happy with the length, and it's just much easier to cut curly hair when it's not on your head. So though you don't want to pull on the curls, you just want to kind of cut them, as is so I cut a little bit from the back and then of course on the sides. And I wanted some soft curls, so I'm going in with my Shea moisture curling Hansen smoothie, you guys saw me work that in. Then I'm just taking my cream of nature, the honey curling mousse and I'm just doing a little bit of that on top. After doing this, your curls will be nice, defined, and very soft, so this is optional.

3. Drying Hair With a Diffuser

use diffuser to dry hair

I'm just going in kind of just taking a few pieces twisting it, just twisting it up, and then I'll let them dry like this. Keep in mind if you take big sections like I was gonna do here, once you kind of fluff the hair up or set separate it, you may end up getting some frizz, so I highly recommend going in smaller pieces. Another really good tip for you guys, something that I have a hard time doing is not touching your curls, your hair while it's drying, so just take your diffuser, and you know dry all the way around, I didn't start putting the diffuser to the curl, so it was like 80% dry, you guys, not touching the curls is going to give you more defined curls and not have so much frizz.

4. Clipping The V- Part To That Little Anchor Braid

clip the wig on

This is how my base, it is looking real, I don't know right now what real suspect, but I have my two little anchor braids or twists, flat twists, a little piece of hair right in the front sticking out, that little piece you see is going to be my leave out, so I'm clipping the V- part to that little anchor braid, the key to this is to make sure you put those braids as close as possible, make sure they're not super wide, because I'm gonna do the crochet method right here, just for that little part. You want them to be as close as possible, so you don't have that big wide gap, that big wide gap is just not flattering, I'm trying my best to do better here, and you're just gonna crochet the hair through, this method is all over YouTube. If you need a super detailed tutorial I have one, it's super easy, you're simply just going through your anchor braid and then just pulling the V-part hair through and then just folding it over. It sounds harder than it is.

5. Do Some Curls On The Hair To Make Them Blend Better

do some curls

Next, I am just adding a little bit of the hair to my natural hair, a little bit of the wig hair to my natural hair, added a little bit of heat protection. Then I'm just gonna take both sides and then just do two curls, that is all the heat I am adding to my natural hair, it's just these two little sections. Because you want to do a little bit of the curly hair with your natural hair or your relaxer whatever it is, make sure the lengths are quite the same or like kind of the same. If you don't want to do a small piece of maybe your hair and a long piece of curly hair or your V-part hair whatever you want to call it, it's going to end up frizzing from my experience, it's going to end up frizzing faster. So because I didn't want to mess up like a whole bunch of, I didn't want to mess up my hair, because I did the crochet method, so I took my little pencil wand curl that I just love so much, I just put some curls right at the top and right on the ends like in the back, to make it blend all, so I wouldn't have to disrupt the like entire wig and put more product in that was just unnecessary. Finally, of course, this is optional, but I think it's kind of necessary, especially when you're dealing with curly hair, curly V- part, is just to kind of bring your hair, your edges down a little bit, you don't have to do any swoops and swirls and all that kind of stuff, just kind of lift that hair up or bring it down just a bit so that it blends all together. I think it blends a little bit, better doing this and I just like your personal preference. Next, once you've got everything how you want it, I'm just gonna add some hairspray, and this is the final look.

6. The Final Look And Real Review

Final Look

Here is the final look, I'm so happy with this outcome. I just wanted something that would work with type 4 hair, with my hair, and something that I didn't have to use a lot of leave out, I love the simple change of just having that little bit of leave out right here. It just makes it look so much more realistic, so much more believable. As far as nighttime goes, if you want to keep this on your head you can, if you want to take your unit off you can as well. As far as your leave out, I would just take a flexi rod and just curl these little sections, two little flexi rods is how I would sleep, just like this, so that in the mornings I can just undo it, fluff the hair out or style it however you're going to do it.


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