Have you tried the easy-to-wear glueless human hair wigs? This is the most popular type of wig this year, perfect for the hot summer. If you are looking for wear go glueless wig and pursue a minimalist way of wearing, then this wear go glueless lace closure wig must not be missed today. It is a pre-cut lace wig from Nadula Hair, using 3D dome dap, with real invisible pre-cut high-definition lace, pre-plucked hairline, elastic band and silicone double fixing guarantee, not easy to fall off. If you are interested in it, please continue reading to see what wonderful installation tutorial and real wearing evaluation this fashionista has brought us.

Wear Go Glueless Curly Wave wig

Detailed Tutorial On Installing Wear Go Glueless Wig From Fashionista

Hey you guys, today's video is going to be in collaboration with Nadula Hair, I got this wig from them and honey, this is for the girls that don't want to do too much work, so if you're interested ,stay tuned.

First thing, I had to get all that excess glue off because I wear wigs on a regular basis, so I wanted to really make sure I clean my scalp, so I do use 90 alcohol to get it super clean. Today I'm going to be using a HD lace wig cap and this is what I've been using for the last couple weeks to do my installs, it makes everything that much better and melt a lot easier. Also I'm going to be using my little wig tint spray, I use it for my wig caps, and I'm going to be also using glue now with this wig, I'm only going to be doing a side part, so I'm only going to do glue on half of my head, it's no need to stretch it across the whole thing because I won't be needing glue on the entire thing. I'm going to do a super thin layer and I'm just going to go ahead and cut everything off. Now this wig I am not going to actually glue it down, so I didn't need to do too much to the ball cap, I just need to make sure it adhered and it stayed to my scalp and clean it up.

Now I'm super excited about this wig, because this is nadula's pre-cut 5x5 HD closure wig, it is a 150% density and it also has these straps on the inside as well as. These like jelly adhesive outer layer on the sides to help your wig not to move once it's on your head. The real name of these jelly adhesives is silicone, which acts as a firm hold for hair. Now I wanted to make sure that this wig was actually like a good density, because it is 150% and as you guys can see it is super thick. The wick does come pre-cut, so this is really good for anybody that's nervous about cutting their wig, and it also comes with its own natural hairline, and it's also a little pre-plugged, so girl you don't have to do too much, you can just pretty much put on your head.

Now I love the fact that on the website they show the wig in the middle, now today I'm actually going to be making it into a side part, so you guys can see just how versatile. This wig is look how natural, it looks just by it being on my head, I haven't even glued it did anything to it at all, it's just literally sitting on top and it was super snug and comfortable, because they have the sticky adhesive layer on the outer part, and it just helps the wig to have a better grip and really not move at all. Now with doing you got a side part, I had to kind of carve out where I wanted my part to go and how I wanted it to lay, and I love my hair to be super flat, so I went through with my boutique hot comb and honestly pressed it like I just kept pressing it, it does take a while but the results of it is going to be super amazing.

Then I'll be back now with installing this wig, I just want to use this spray, the spray is so light and this is the even lace wig spray, love this spray down, it just made the wig super easy to adhere. I put the spray on and put the wig on, and then I'm going to use this little stocking cap to have it be a little bit more tighter to my head, those wig grips on the outer layers wasn't moving at all. Another thing I noticed that my part still wasn't getting as flat as I wanted it to, so I went through and used a wax stick and I put that where the part is, because it does get a little oily, you can see the sheen of it, but I don't want to use like too much. It's super good for using it on the base of your wig to get it flat and really getting those grooves, so I did that on it and I'm also still using the high comb, then I started using pliers but have to be super careful. But with me, I've been doing it so long, it just works for me to do it but that's how I literally pluck my wigs by using pliers.

These are my baby hairs and I'm just going to carve those out. now I know that I want to curl this wig, but I still want to retain the length of this wig and this wig is actually 24 inches, so I'm going to cut layers in because with curling your wig if you wanted to lay much better, you have to put some type of layer inside of it, otherwise they're not going to look the best or they're just going to freaking fall. So if you're doing curls, layers are a must for sure.

nice final look

Now I'm going to curl my hair using this curling iron that I love, because it gets super hot, it gets like I believe 450 degrees. So I'm just curling it regular note particular order. I've already done the layers in it, so I know it's going to lay and I'm just going to curl it and as well pin it. I'm not going to take the curl out completely, I'm actually going to use my duck clip so that they can stay, and I leave these in until the curl completely cools down ,and this is how I ensure it to last as long as I need to, and I also use some got2b spray as well as some even spray because I wanted it to really really stay. So what is essential in this whole process is a hot comb, the wax stick, the curling iron, as well as a little bit of serum or oil duct clips. And I'm going to use my mini curlers as well to do me a baby hair look. Now I want them Salon baby hairs, like the ones that kind of look like they stretched into like the rest of the hair, not just on the outside, so I did go along and try to stretch the baby hair out a lot. For this 5x5 closure, I did that because-number one: it looked like it could be a whole entire frontal and that's what I wanted that vibe, but anybody that's not good at doing wigs or you're a beginner, I highly suggest doing 5x5 closures, because they're super easy to install, frontals is a lot of work especially if you're new and it can be overwhelming. But with the closure, you can manipulate it so much more easier, and this one like I said already comes pre-clucked, it already comes with the lace cut as well so that just makes it super easy and quick install process.

Real Wearing Experience And Review

Now, this is just me brushing out my curls, so I was going out with my homegirl this day for a girls night out. I love the way the curls turned out and I just love the way the hair looked, and another thing when I curl my hair and if I see some more layers need to be cut, honey I pulled the shears out and gets the cutting okay. And the lace is definitely given HD, because she melted inside of my scalp. If you guys are interested in this wig, don't forget to click here, so you can see all the details about this wig, she's so pretty and thick, and y'all can see the layers I cut, I didn't cut as many but I cut enough that made it look like bomb, I really really love it. If you want to know more about Nadula real customers' reviews, please click here.