Saving time is one of the main purposes when you considering wearing a wig. So half wig with headband arrives and hot-selling now. Whether you go to work, travel, or go to a party, the half wig hairstyles are perfect for all the occasions.

Here, one of the web celebrities on YouTube, PRETTY BREEMUA has bought a wig with headband attached from Let’s see what curly half wig hairstyles she will do for us:

"Hey, guys. What's up? It's free to welcome back to my channel. I know I look crazy right now. But today is going to be a different type of hair review. Today we're going to be doing a very easy install. This is perfect for my every day."

Reviews Of Half Wig With Headband

"This is the perfect wig for you. This is a headband wig. I don't know if you guys are familiar, but it's all over YouTube right now. I thought it was very neat and convenient. It's a half a wig with the headband attached to it. No lace, no glue, no nothing. It's going to be quick and easy."

half wigs

How to wear a half wig?

"I'm going to show you guys how this headband wig will come. And I'm also going to show you how I would style this headband wig personally, like my little hair accessories. And how I will wear this headband half wig."

Step1: Put On It

"It comes with this little velcro strap, it's a little tangle because I had it on earlier. This is my everyday new wig, so I'm gonna go ahead and put it on. It has two combs on it. I'm gonna make sure the comb is nice and tight. It's a headband with it. So it has no lace. And then I'm gonna go ahead and take the comb in the front right here. I just fix my makeup."

Step2: Put The Comb there

"I'm gonna put the comb there after that. This is so easy. You don't have to know how to do hair at all. Just like a half wig put it on. It's perfect. If you want to go working out, it's just like the perfect type of half wig with headband for every day when you don't want to be bothered with your lace. "

"Look the wig is on. It's nice and tight now. You can wear a wig like this. You also can wear the wig with your real hair, push back like a half a wig. But I'm not going to do that because I feel like my edges are not as full. So I don't like the way that looks."

Step3: Take The black Velcro

"Now in the back, I'm going to just take the black velcro, I'm going to clip it together. It can be nice and tight. Now the headband wig is nice and tight it's not going anywhere. You could throw this up in a ponytail and you can go work out. It's just a vibe."

Step4: Make the half wig cuter

"Okay, but I'm going to show you guys how to wear these wigs a little cuter. I'm not the type of girl that'll wear my hair like this maybe I will but I I don't know I'm a little bit more like this is not my style. I'm gonna I can make this  human half wig with headband a little bit cuter. I'm gonna show you guys the little head accessories that I have. Now I'm just spraying this beautiful beautiful hair with water. No conditioner."

"I'm going to eventually put conditioner on it, but right now it's just water. This hair is so beautiful and it's so long. I think it's 26 inches. It is virgin hair, just because they don't have lace, it's still virgin hair. This is still nice quality hair."

"Okay. So I just wanted to damp it a little bit. This is like the perfect style for you guys. If you are going on vacation and you don't want to deal with lace or sew-in, or anything like that. And you just want something cute for vacation."

Different curly half wig styles

First Style: 

"Girl, you can make it work as well. So now, I just dump the hair. I'm gonna try on these little headbands. I mean these little turbine things that I got from the beauty supply store. I don't know how they're gonna look, but we're gonna try them on together today."

"I have my bobby pins. I'm just going to poke a hole and pin it right there. So it can lay a little better. But just imagine it's really cute like you can wear this on vacation, you can wear it out to dinner, you just have to wear the outfit for it.  But I would wear this on vacation. You could dress this up."

"I'm going to put on some hoop earrings. Just so, you can get the vibe, it doesn't match for what I have on. I do have a little of my baby edges out on the side a little bit right here, just leave your edges out on the side like that. Oh my gosh, this is such a look, such a vibe. It's super easy if you want to wear something like this for dinner. I would prefer to do it."

"I don't know I would wear this with jeans and a nice button-up shirt. I don't know you can get creative. I wouldn't dress the outfit up too much. Because I feel like it has to flow like. I won't wear a really fancy dress with this. But I'll definitely wear some nice mom jeans, a button-up white shirt, or a t-shirt. This is just really really super super super cute. So this is one way to wear it. Turn to the side look at how beautiful the hair is. The hair is beautiful."

half curly wig

Second Style:

"Let's try a different way to wear it. Ok, here is another one. This one is yellow. I got these from my local. I got these from um this store called mad rag, they were four dollars each. So they're very affordable. And you can also make them yourself with like t-shirts and stuff like that."

"Oh my gosh! This color is beautiful. This is so cute. I feel like you could dress this up as well as you could wear with nice, a nice all-white cream outfit, like some flowy pants. A flowy type of shirt cream on cream. And you can wear it out for a nice summery day. Really cute love. I got this as well. Let's try it with this one. This one is a beautiful color."

half wig curly

Third Style:

"This is another turban. I got so many of these turbans because I just know I'm gonna wear this headband wig a lot. This is gonna be my new go run to the shop type of curly half wig. This is cute and all you would want. This half wig human hair is so pretty, so convenient. All you have to do is just take your bobby pin, pin the sides just so, it doesn't move.

This is why I got the curly half wig for black women. Because I felt like when this company reached out to me, I don't know if I like this type of style of half wig human hair long, but I was like you know what this will look like. Really cute with like a whole bunch of turbans. I would wear this in Mexico. This is so convenient."

half head wig

Fourth Style:

"So let's try it with a sun hat. Okay, This hat is from HM. So let's try it with a sun hat. So pretty y'all. I love how convenient this Remi half wig is. I got my hair done. This is a vibe. Because this Remy half wig is everything. You can also wear those little headbands and those little scarfs that they sell. You can wear this up in a high ponytail if you want. It's like so many ways that you can wear this wig."

curly half wig styles

So easy to Install

"I promise you and it's so easy to install. If you can't and start this weird girl. I don't know what to tell you because this wig is so easy to wear. I'm going to leave that link down below. Thank you so much for watching this hair tutorial. Thank you guys so much for watching this hair wig review. I love you guys. Bye."