Whether you want to add some depth to your black hair or just are thinking about rocking a new hair color to attract people's attention, you must not miss the Burgundy lace wig. Burgundy hair color is one of the hottest hues for women today. This dark red shade is making waves in the beauty world. While you might be hesitant to ditch your natural black hair wigs in favor of a brighter, bolder hue, after looking at the xx ideas about burgundy wigs below, you might just change your mind.

burgundy hair

What Is Burgundy Hair Color?

Burgundy is a dark red-purplish color, which is similar to Bordeaux, Merlot, Berry, and Redberry. The color burgundy takes its name from the Burgundy wine in France. Burgundy is made of 50% red, 0% green, and 13% blue. It is more of a cool-toned red. It will liven your tresses and add a mysterious undertone.

What Skin Tone Does Burgundy Hair Suit?

Burgundy is a rich reddish-purple hue. Initially, it was considered a perfect brown hair shade for real brunettes. And a natural brunette is a great base for a burgundy color because its warm underlying pigment will contribute to the natural vibrancy of the desired color. Therefore, it is the perfect color for a woman with natural black hair who desires a subtle change. Some blondes also try to go that bright and eye-popping burgundy hair color.

In short, no matter what skin tone you have, a burgundy wig on dark skin or fair skin will always be amazing. Burgundy hair colors flatter pretty much everyone. Nothing is stopping you from trying out this cool color, because it suits everyone, including celebrities such as Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner.

6 Ideas For Beautiful Burgundy Hairstyles

Because of the versatility of burgundy wigs, there is a wide range of looks to try out. Also for those who prefer a more subdued and low-maintenance option, burgundy hair wigs are great. It also works well with various styles and textures, from curly to straight and long or short. If a step towards bold and light color shades seems too challenging for now, but you are tempted to try something revolutionary, consider the following burgundy hair wigs.

1. Ombre Burgundy Straight Upgraded V-shape Glueless Wig

The feature of this wig is that it is not a common lace front wig, but a v-part design that does not require any glue, which means you can put on and take off your burgundy wig very quickly after a tiring day. This is perfect for summer.

And it's an ombre color wig. The black roots section makes it more natural as if the hairs had grown from your own scalp. And it's also less expensive than a burgundy lace wig, perfect for girls on a budget or who don't want to risk too much investing in a new color wig.

Ombre Burgundy Straight Upgraded V-shape Glueless Wig

2. Burgundy Curly Wig Pre Plucked 4x0.75 T Part Wig

Curly hair has always been one of the most popular hairstyles in African American girls. The wig with small and dense curls looks more voluminous than straight hair. It should be noted that this is a T-part lace wig, the lace part covers the hairline as well as the mid-part line, which makes your hair look natural enough. But you have to maintain a mid-parted hairstyle all the time when you wear this wig. If you are a medium hairstyle lover, then this wig is perfect for you. And its price is also very friendly.

Burgundy Curly Wig Pre Plucked 4x0.75 T Part Wig

3. Burgundy Straight 13x4 Lace Front Wigs

Unlike the first straight burgundy wig, this is a full burgundy color wig. If you don't like the black roots part, then you can choose this wig. Straight hair has always been the most versatile hairstyle because you can create any look you want with your styling tools. This is a 13x4 burgundy lace front wig that allows you to do any free-part hairstyle.

 Burgundy Straight 13x4 Lace Front Wigs

4. Straight Burgundy And Black Wigs

If you still feel that trying a burgundy wig is too risky, then you can try this burgundy roots wig. Unlike ordinary black wigs, burgundy-colored roots will give people a bright feeling. In addition, we designed baby hair for you as well, so you don't need to spend any more time trimming the edges.

Straight Burgundy And Black Wigs

5. Burgundy Bob Wigs Pre Plucked 4x4 Lace Closure Wig

Bob wigs are very cute. It is more dynamic than long hair and more suitable for summer. A short wig is also easier to take care of. If you think long hair is a burden for you in hot summer, then this bob wig is perfect for you. This is a 4x4 lace closure wig. Within the lace-covered area, you can divide your hair part as you like.

Burgundy Bob Wigs

6. Burgundy Wig With Bangs

This is a burgundy wig with bangs. The bangs will make you look younger, and at the same time help cover up blemishes on the forehead, drawing more attention to your facial features. Of course, you can also use your styling tools to create it into other hairstyles.

Burgundy Wig With Bangs