Nowadays, because the New requirements emerge endlessly, there are always new wigs appearing in the hair market. Generally, most wigs we use are lace frontal wigs and some other glueless wigs, such as headband wigs, U part wigs, and V part wigs. Today we want to introduce for you is clear lace wigs, which seem to be a kind of new wigs for many girls. Let’s try to know about it together now!

What Is a Clear Lace Wig?

As the name suggests, clear lace refers to the lace that is transparent and see-through, instead of brown or beige. When worn, the lace is virtually invisible, making your wig look 100% natural. Clear lace is perfect for all skin tones, and you wont have to take any extra steps, like applying foundation to the lace, to make the lace blend with your scalp.  


The Difference Between Clear Lace Wigs And Other Laces Wigs

The main difference between clear lace wigs and other common laces wigs is the lace. Generally speaking, the lace used to make wigs is a bit brown. For some African American women with brown skin, this kind of lace may be darker than their skin tone.

Another common transparent lace has a lighter color than the skin tone of African American women. Sometimes you have to apply some brown powder to make it natural. These two kinds of lace are likely to cause an unnatural look, thereby affecting your perfect appearance.

The clear lace looks undetectable. It can better fit your skin tone. Although the lace part can still be seen, it has improved a lot compared with ordinary lace wigs in terms of invisibility. Wearing a clear lace wig, you don’t need to worry about hair seams and hairline looking unnatural. It seems you have very natural and real hair growing out from your scalp. 

The Advantages Of Clear Lace Wigs

Now we understand what clear lace wigs are and how they differ from ordinary lace wigs, let’s get into some of the reasons why these wigs are turning the wig industry upside down! 


1. Natural Look

This is the main benefit of clear lace wigs. The extremely invisible lace will blend seamlessly with your scalp and hairline. After opening the box and putting on the wig, youll be surprised at just how natural the hairline looks. Even when you look up close, you wont be able to tell its a wig.

2. High Quality

One of the best things about clear lace wigs is that they’re made from 100% virgin human hair. Unlike synthetic wigs, they can withstand heat styling, coloring, and bleaching. You will find that the wigs will not tangle or shed. Besides, the hair is sleek and soft to touch.

3. Length and Density Choices

With length options from 14 to 40 inches and density from 130% to 180%, you can decide which wig to purchase according to your style and choose the length that fits you best. If you want your wig to look fuller, choose a higher density percentage. Besides, if you want longer hair, you can contact our customer service and tell them your requirements. We can provide customized services to meet your needs.

4. Lessen Scalp Itching

Many people say that their scalp often feels itchy when wearing a wig. The clear lace wigs use thinner materials to make lace, which means your scalp will feel more breathable, which can reduce your itchy scalp and increase comfort.

Where To Buy Clear Lace Wigs

Because of the series of unique advantages, clear lace wigs are warmly welcomed by many girls. If you are also searching for high-quality and suitable lace wigs, Nadula is here for you.

1. Body wave clear lace wig

Body wave is a classic hairstyle. You will look hot and gorgeous with it. And the clear lace will make your wig extremely natural.  

2. Curly clear lace wig

Dense curls can help add volume to your hair. If you like small curls and full hair, this wig is a choice to show your beauty and charm

3. Straight clear lace wig

Straight hair is always popular among all the girls. This wig looks lustrous and is soft to touch. Besides, it is also versatile. You can restyle it freely according to your outfits and the style you want.


Nature and invisibility have always been our pursuit of wigs. In order to meet the needs of all African-American girls, wigs have been constantly upgraded. Clear lace wigs are obviously the most natural lace wigs now. If you are searching for a natural wig and have enough budget, clear lace wigs are very suitable for you. Have a try and you may fall in love with clear lace wigs.