For women, it often takes a long time to comb or style their hair every day, and the longer the hair, the more time and energy it takes. If you're looking for a hassle-free hairstyle, then Bob wigs are a good choice. In this blog today, we will recommend a simple and beginner-friendly bob lace wig for you, and show you its detailed installation process.

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Easy Bob Lace Wig Install Show

Today's Bob lace wig is a new wig from Nadula: Pre-cut Bob lace wig, pre-cut lace design makes the installation process easier, transparent lace can blend into the skin naturally, it is made of real human hair Made and pre-plucked around the hairline to give the wig a more natural look that looks like your real hair. Bob lace wigs are also very versatile, easy to care for, comfortable to wear, and suitable for a variety of occasions. Next let's see how the fashionista installed it.

Today I've teamed up with Nadula hair and I sent over this gorgeous Bob and I'm gonna be showing you how I installed this wig, styled it and got it super melted. As I mentioned this comes from Nadula, now let's just pay attention to the star of the show. This here is a 6x4.5 closure lace wig, the inside construction of the cap shows it's a breathable cap, and it has this grip like technology at the nape, it also includes an adjustable elastic band, so I'm going to secure it with the elastic band to give me a little extra support, especially because we're going to be going glueless today.

wear go bob wig

Now as you guys can see, I'm looking a little crazy, let's go ahead and shift the wig and adjust to the perfect space on me. This is what she looks like on as I mentioned, this is a Yaki Bob, this one is a beginner friendly wear and go wig, she does come with the pre-cut lace and as you guys can see this is what she looks like from the back, now if you go to the to cheak it out, you'll see that this one comes in a few different options, she definitely comes as a Yaki straight or even a silky straight if the Yaki isn't your vibe. Of course, I chose the YakI and I think it looks absolutely gorgeous, here I'm just going ahead and just like trying her emphasize and seeing like what the vibe is or how I want to style her today. She also comes as a 10 inch, 12 inch or 14 inch, so whatever your Bob length is and what your go-to is, it definitely represented on the website.

yaki straight bob

Here I'm gonna go for a semi hold, this is a extra hold hairspray and this is just going to melt the lace in, it was definitely sitting on my hairline really nicely, but I wanted to make sure it was does bond it down and not going to go anywhere, I'm using a portable fan, a cold air portable fan to go ahead and dry this product.

dry the spray

Now I'm going to decide if I want to do some baby hair. As you guys can see, this one is pre-plucked to perfection, so there's not much work needed for starters, I was trying to figure out how I wanted to position the baby hair, I just kind of keep it long and kind of like push it to the side with a little bit of hairspray that I want to do full swoops, or did I want to do like the micro baby hair that's very subtle, I wasn't quite sure but I did want to keep it a little bit more on the classy side because again the theme for today is grown and sexy. I did use the edge control, and just lay everything down along the hairline and prepare for the baby hair, and again I'm just brushing it forward and kind of trying to find how much hair I want to leave forward, I definitely don't want it to be too perfect or uniform, and I cut it super duper short again, I call this micro baby hair and one of the key things about this is I like it to go in different directions, this is like so short that it doesn't like fully swoop, but you kind of have some going left, some going bright, some going backwards to coming forwards, you kind of want to have it going in all different ways so once it melts, it just gives a very natural like real hair vibe. Of course, we're going to go ahead and tint the lace a little bit later, but you guys can see how natural and beautiful that looks to give it a really good Salon look.

brush baby hair

I'm going to go ahead and do my dynamic duo for me. This is a wax stick paired with the electric hot comb and I just really go in there and get it good now, for safe,you just also can put the wig on the wig head like the mannequin head before you install, you can do the dynamic duo with the wig on a wig head, that way you can get it super duper flat and super duper sleek without risking, damaging or burning yourself at all. I'd like to take my time with this step and just really make sure everything is melted and the way it should be. I don't like for it to be lumpy by any means or like thick or puffy, so I really take my time with this step and you guys don't necessarily see the whole thing, but I kind of cut it short so that you're not too bored.

hot comb

Now I'm going to take the flat iron, be sure to use a heat protectant to protect the longevity of your hair and to obviously protect against heat damage. I want to straighten out any kinks or like waves that are made to happen during shipping and handling, making sure everything is nice, sleek and straight. This is what it looks like with half of the wig done and half of the wig straight out of the box, you can definitely go for more of a straight look where you don't necessarily bump it. Bumping is always my preferred choice when it comes to Bobs, so I'm going to do the same exact thing on the opposite side, I love the sheen and the texture of this one, I also love the density. Sometimes you want something a little bit thinner and then sometimes you want it a little bit thicker, this one gives a nice wrap look, especially because of the length and it just kind of like sits on my shoulders. I like the fact that it's not too thick that it's going to be like bulky in the back, but it's also not too thin that it looks like it's like missing some tracks.

straight the hair

I love love love the way, it looks this looks so good, especially like since it's summer time with a nice little halter or some kind of like tank, top a glasses on ,and you like pull your glasses to your head like a headband, this look is perfect for the pool, parties and all the functions, we're going to Disney possibly day, Vegas and a few other places in this last month of the summer time. I did add a little bit of a flex hold hairspray just to hold that feather situation a little bit better. Finally we're going to tint the lace to finish the look.

tint the lace

The Finished Look And Real Review

Now, this is the finished look. I do feel like the hairline could have been a little bit darker, so I will go in with a darker like bronzer a little bit later. but the length, the texture, everything about this one is super beautiful, and this is the packaging from Nadula, they gave me this beautiful holographic tote and inside was my box, when you open it up, there is a reusable dust bag that you can keep with your wig forever, and then there's this little free goodie, it looks like a travel size crochet hook, and then they gave me the Nadula melt belt, a pack of HD wig caps, another milk belt, some eye lashes and the brush that is great for travel.

finished look

All in all, I love this one and she's the perfect go-to wig, very easy to install, lightweight, easy and perfect for the heat, but it's also going to look sexy in the fall with your boots and your sweaters. Here I'm showing you what it looks like pinned up, the hairline is absolutely gorgeous, I can't get enough of this one at all, if you are interstered in it, just follow your herart, don't miss her.