We all know Bella Hadid, right? And she is always changing her hairstyles on different occasions. Like face frame highlight, short bob, etc. So, Media workers always pay attention to Bella Hadid hair’s color, and different hairstyles make her super charming. Her latest iteration of the look has her leaning even further into her decade of choice: the '90s.

"Every time I have hair and makeup done, I come with different inspirations. I have hundreds of pictures saved on my phone, from the '40s to the '90s. Old-school celebrities, but also people I see in random photos from the '70s peace protests and things like that." She tells British Vogue.

Many girls like auto heterodyne, Bella Hadid is also no exception. There is a picture of her that with a side fringe highlight hair, blonde and brown ombre color. About this hairstyle, it all began just before Christmas when the supermodel joined forces with editorial hairstylist and frequent collaborator Evanie Frausto, who supplied her with a duo of chunky, neon-bright orange streaks around her face.

Bella Hadid hair color

 “We both are inspired by the '90s and during that time, it was all about streaks and chunky highlights,” explains Frausto of the decade's contrasting, two-toned dye jobs. “Things have softened since then, so it's a more old school way of doing color.”In addition to the thickness and placement of the skunky highlights, the brassy, bronzed hues were a nod to the era as well. “The colors back then were warmer, which added to the nostalgic feel,” he says.

In the remaining days of 2020, Hadid upped the ante of her fantasy color with help from colorist Jenna Perry, introducing even more saturated swathes of acidic tangerine and crimson—yes, the return of her beloved lava streaks!—for an even more extreme multi-tone effect.

You can see the picture of Bella Hadid with blonde hair below, you will find that such a personality-she is a so distinctive girl. Now, you will ask, how can I get a so beautiful hairstyle in several minutes? It’s not a difficult question. Now, you will get it here:

hair streaks wig

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FAQ About The face frame highlight wig

1. Does it made of a real human hair?

Yes. This is our new product that has been updated only for several days. It is made of raw human hair that comes from young ladies. This allows for the completed wig to have a remarkable texture throughout. There is no comparison between the texture of a human hair wig vs. a synthetic wig. The human hair feels like your own real hair and can be styled just like you would style your hair.

2. Is this two-toned wig suitable for me?

3. How cool is this two-toned look? With a focus on pastel shades, this trending color-block look is perfect for those willing to go the extra mile for something unique. This is a dream combination right here: this set of streaks on hair with bright caramel highlights. The thicker the better for this highlighted look. It will make you a larruping girl in the crowd.

3. What things You can do on the subtle highlight wig?

  • Try to avoid styling products

             When the alcohol contained in those products evaporates it reopens the hair cuticles and makes them porous again.

  •  Avoid washing your hair too often

            You only need a little amount of shampoo and then use the water to emulsify it.

            Your conditioner and mask should only go to your lengths and don’t forget to rinse everything well!

  •  Don’t use just any comb or hairbrush to detangle your hair

            With highlights, your hair becomes more fragile, hence more prone to breakage.

            Choose a gentle option like a boar bristle brush and start by your ends, working your way up.

  • Avoid chemical glosses

            It’s like putting makeup on dry and dirty skin. Instead, try the shade variation care masks which will deeply nourish and

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Highlight hair, like two-toned hairstyles or three toned ombre hair, is welcomed by most girls, and they are fashionable in recent years. While you want to try these new types, you can ask the hairstylist to make sure you are suitable for them. After all, it will cost you a lot of time on it. But for the lace front two toned wig in the post, you can try it at any time. It will not damage your natural hair, and you do not need to take much time caring for it. If you do not want to wear it, just only need to leave it there in a plastic bag. Waiting for what? Click it to check how much you will save to buy it NOW.