Winter is over, spring and summer weather is here, are you ready for the sunny, breezy season days? Are you ready for the beach waves of summer? When you are ready to go out, you must have a beautiful hairstyle in advance. If you have dark skin tones, do you know the best hairstyle trends for black women in 2023? We got a teaser from professional hair stylists, and next, we will share some popular hairstyles for 2023 with you.

1. Ombre Purple Body Wave Wig

Purple Colored Ombre Wig

A new wave of ombre hair color shades is coming to create the best hairstyles for black women. This hairstyle is transitioning from black roots to purple tones, the body wave is what makes this wig look even more gorgeous, and I have to say it does look amazing!

2. The Textured Bob

The Textured Bob

2023 seems to be a year that tends to be simple, so textured Bob is very popular in this period, and Bob is also one of the most popular hairstyle trends in 2023. The bob hairstyle is easy to manage and flattering, the hairstyle is simple but very textured, the subtle treatment of the hair ends can make the whole hairstyle look softer, and it can show women's confidence.

3. The Bullet Bob

The Bullet Bob

The "bullet bob," according to celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith, will be the biggest trend for short hair in 2023. This hairstyle is an evolution of the wolf cut, mullet, and shag hairstyles that have been created before. Rather than a return to the classic bob look, this hairstyle gets a mullet-inspired makeover that incorporates outdated curtained layered bob bangs. You can start by having your stylist cut a wavy, layered bob that reaches the shoulder area, with short and long details trimmed around the hollows of your cheekbones to help define your face.

4. Trendy Wednesday Hairstyle


Jenna Ortega's beloved Wednesday Adams in the acclaimed Netflix original series certainly sets trends with her looks and style. If you want a classic successful and memorable hairstyle in 2023, the Wednesday hairstyle is a great idea.

5. Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are a popular hairstyle for protective styles. This braided style Fulani braid of it actually originated from the Fulah people of Africa and symbolizes its African roots and also represents social status, wealth, religion, or marital status. Braids also reflect important cultural significance and are part of African culture.

Fulani braids style is defined by a cornrow in front of the hairline, with a central cornrow in the middle of the head. It usually has cornrows on either side of the head and braids wrapped around the hairline, often adorned with beads. This style is very versatile and can be styled and adjusted to your personal preference, including accessories added to the hair, colors, braid patterns, lengths, and sizes, making it a popular choice for any occasion. Fulani braids are also favored by some of the most famous women in the world such as Alicia Keys and Solange Knowles. Sands also thinks this weave will be a big trend in 2023.

6. Octopus Haircut

Octopus Haircut

Octopus hairstyles became popular in early 2022 and will continue to be popular in 2023. Shaped like a classic shag, this cut embodies the perfect combination of rock and glamour. The cut of this hairstyle is not difficult, just ask your stylist to cut wispy bangs and add layers at the top of the head, blending them with the length at the bottom. Remember to leave the ends long, like octopus legs. This hairstyle is very interesting, it can well modify the shape of the face, bring out exquisite features and conceal the lack of facial contours.

7. Short Afro Hairstyles

short afro hairstyles for black women

2023 will be the year that the short afro is all the rage. There are many styles of this short hairstyle. For those with very curly hair, this cut is perfect if you want to change up your look. Leave just enough hair to create finger waves or a deep side part for a more dramatic look that also accentuates the hair's natural texture.

8. The Straight And Sleek Hairstyle

The Straight And Sleek Hairstyle

Long straight black hair is a great hairstyle for black women. Although their natural hair is curly, this does not affect the stylish look that comes from straight hairstyles. We can often see Rihanna's various hairstyles, whether it is straight hair, curly hair, long hair, or short hair, she is willing to try various hairstyles, she likes to play with her hair, and likes to create fashionable hairstyles. Her current hairstyle is beautiful long black hair, which looks very shiny.


Hairstyle trends change every year, so in 2023, can you perceive and complete the latest hairstyle in time to amaze everyone around you? Whether you like long hair, short hair, pixie cuts, braids, bobs, or even mullets, you'll find the answers you're looking for in our blogs. You can follow and subscribe to us so that you can better understand hair knowledge.