From micro bangs to curtain bangs and the recent hottest trend of bottleneck bangs, there is no doubt that bangs are the most effective way to add points to your hairstyle. Getting textured bangs is a dream for most women. However, after you choose a fashionable fringe bang hairstyle, the wind blows gently and your bangs are all over the place. How terrible! There is a super common hair battle when it comes to bangs to keep them from coming apart. Fortunately, next, I will tell you how to use the right styling techniques to make your curtain bangs or bottleneck bangs look great, keeping them from separating.

How to keep your curtain bangs from separating

Before you know how to keep your bangs looking neat, you also need to know what causes your fringe bangs to separate. When bangs are parted in the middle, there may be several reasons. The first reason is that you naturally have a horn at your hairline. The second reason bangs are separated in the middle is that they are not heavy enough, and if you don't pull the bangs area back so far when making the curtain bangs, the area will be lighter and easier to separate.

keep your curtain bangs from separating

Another reason that will cause the bangs to separate is hair type, your hair or wig is too soft and needs more texture to hold them together. Now that you know why your bangs are separated, here are 5 ways to help you better secure your bangs to your forehead.

1. Wash your face

remove excess oils from your face

You may be thinking, what does washing your face have to do with bangs? One reason that is often overlooked, bangs keep separating throughout the day, and this is because of oil on the face. Before styling your bangs, be sure to take the time to do your skincare routine to remove excess oils from your face that can wreak havoc on your hairstyle.

2. Use mousse to finalize the curtain bangs

apply a small amount of mousse to your bangs

To better hold your curtain bangs in place, you'd better apply mousse to your bangs. You must start with wet hair and apply a small amount of mousse to your bangs before blow-drying with a brush. Only in this way, can you control and train the hair to lie across your forehead before setting after blow-drying.

3. Use the right brush

use a large round brush

To help the bangs spread evenly across the forehead, it's best to use a large round brush. When your bangs are still dry, blow dry them with a round brush, as this will give them more volume and link them together.
In addition, brush your bangs to the left and then to the right with a flat brush before using a round brush, while keeping the hair dryer on them to make them plump and towering. Always make sure your bangs are damp when blow-drying, as this will help shape them. Even if you don't wash your hair, you can also wet your bangs and re-dry them. Repeat this process several times a day.

4. Use the right products

texturing spray to help preserve the integrity of your bangs

Soft, fine hair can cause bangs to separate. You can use a texturing spray to help preserve the integrity of your bangs. However, frizzy hair can also cause bangs to separate, so use an anti-wetting spray if you're prone to frizz.
Last but not least, dry shampoo is the best way to maintain your bangs. Preparing and styling your bangs at home is only part of the process. The next challenge is to keep them in place throughout the day. When oil starts to build up in your hair, it can cause your bangs to split. At this point, you can use dry shampoo to remove the oil from your bangs.

5. Protect your bangs by wearing a hat

wear a baseball cap to protect your curtain bangs from the weather

One of the best tips is to wear a baseball cap to protect your curtain bangs from the weather. Heat, humidity, rain, and even a gust of wind can cause frizziness, which can lead fringe bangs to separation.
To keep your bangs safe and protected, tuck all of your bangs under the gaps in the brim of your hat. Then, when you're ready to take your hat off, run your fingers through your bangs and put them back in place. With these tips, you can successfully keep your bangs in place all day long.


The decision to wear bangs is a wise one. Whether you have cropped bangs, baby bangs, or traditional blunt bangs in front of your forehead, they may require some unique styling techniques to keep them looking neat. I hope all of the tips I mentioned above will help you get the perfect bangs, but if you have a better suggestion, you can also let me know about that.