Blonde lace front wig is one of the best selling colored wigs online. They are welcomed by so many girls. Yes, when you try to learn something about blonde wigs, you will found that there are so many Youtubers, web celebrities that are giving high ratings to the good blonde real hair wigs.

Here, one of the famous YouTubers named RXMI will give the most authentic reviews after she got a honey blonde lace front wig from Let’s keep reading and know what is her reviews and how to install blonde lace front wig now:

Introduce the blonde lace front wig

Welcome back to my channel. Now I have to do it without further ado. We're just gonna let you guys dress me basically like an adult. The options we're Lund pink blue or pestle and everybody said, Lund. We don't start

off with hair, so I've got this lace front blonde wig from the NADULA hair. I think originally it's a 22-inch wig, I did end up Blonde in the end. I straighten the off-camera and everything I ran it through. I did two in purple shampoo so I didn't do too much to it. I dipped in purple shampoo just to give it some icy kind of vibes and tinted delays.

Just comes with here at the front and then one at the back. It is just a normal third team by four-part in space. It didn't have that much in. When we were watching it just a little bit of strands, but not too much. I'm just gonna install this blonde lace front wig and see how I fit.

How To Install The Blonde Lace front wig?

Let us install it. All I did put this wig slightly as well. but I feel like 613 wig doesn't need too much. I didn't go overboard with the plucking situation. The scarred man could go two ways. I could even look really expensive or really low budget.

1. About the lace on the Blonde Lace front wig

Okay, so going doing this one thing of realizing is that the lace on this long blonde lace front wig is fragile, so if you're someone who knows how to have blonde wigs and wants a long blonde lace front wig, it's French our lace. I'm not gonna have all these. So don't even pay attention to it.

I'm just gonna do my makeup and then come back. I asked everyone and everybody thought it for like a simple makeup look which is good because I feel like people who are for simple makeup.

 Look obviously to me that lobotomies have blonde. And I don't feel that blonde hair looks that cute when you got so much going on in the face. We go straight in this baby out, It's already quite straight. So we're gonna show you out a little bit more and like from the end a little bit.

blonde lace front wig

2.Blend the blonde lace front wig with her natural hair

 I feel like I've done it normally when I have hair. Even though you can tell it's a platinum blonde lace front wig I still like to try and make it look a little bit like my hair. At this point, this is definitely never gonna be my hair. I do feel a little bit like a super dolly. Dolly for the color map back in real life is a little bit more yellow on camera. It is giving a little bit of like icy pipes which is good. I feel like with blonde everybody has their own kind of blonde. This is my first time trying out blonde wig lace front. So don't just mean so much.

At least I can save some blonde now that, everyone can just hop off and stop pressurizing me to do blonde. I don't know if I'm gonna do blonde again. I thought this is like one of my favorite colors. But they're like a doll.

I have so much sugar daddy down below guys. I don't think you guys realize how much this jump is like. My hair is naturally jet black. I don't know how to access it. I don't know how to act. I'm not thinking to go out like this. Maybe for us to live with me or a white party.

I'm glad that I tilted the lace curtains in the lace made the pot and open out, so I had to put on makeup in there. I would recommend some in your lace even if you're light-skinned yet. Just Tim it likes slightly with a little bit, like the lightest shade of makeup or whatever.

blonde brown wig

Blonde Lace front Wig Reviews

Once again this lace front blonde wig is from the NADULA hair, I've had every single kind of hair from the deal and now I've actually had every single kind of hair. I've had blonde hair, I've had curly hair, I've had straight hair.

I think about kinky curly hair from them as well and they always company, to be honest on their natural colored bundles hair. Their lace is a bit possible. This lace is very good. His necks were excellent, especially 2/10. So no problems there.

I would say it's just a little bit fragile because the laces were pinned so easily. I would say look out because the lace can be very fragile. This is my first front lace wig blonde. I've tried out, so I'm not mad. Thank you guys for achieving this hair color.


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