Usually, I do not blog or give written reviews about products that I purchase; however, I made an acceptation this time. This was my first time making a purchase with this particular seller and I received my hair in less than 24 hours. I installed the Brazilian straight hair about one week ago and I can honestly say that I am still in love with the hair.

I was pleasantly surprised at how soft the hair was to the touch and overall great quality for the price.  Customer service was excellent as well. I purchased 16,18,20 inch with 22 inch closure. I ended up only using the 18,20 & closure for my install.

• I have experience No Shedding
• I have experience No Tangles
• Very Soft
• It is very flowy
• Beautiful curls
• I dyed the hair jet black when I received it
• The hair has gotten wet on numerous occasions and each time the hair return to its original state
• I have slept without covering the hair and each time it shakes back into place

 mary straight hair weave

I actually plan on buying more hair from the seller in the future because I am curious about the body wave and how it compares to Brazilian straight. You will not be disappointed with your purchase, and I would recommend that you purchase this hair unless you are in the habit of giving away Money!

I am on my second install with this hair. My stylist thought I had purchased new hair. I washed and conditioned the hair and let it air dry overnight and it was as good as new. The only thing I replaced was the lace closure because I wanted a shorter one. I purchased a 20 inch Brazilian Straight closure from the website Nadula shop for $60.00 .
This hair has held up great. You can also get a wet and wavy look by spraying it with a mixture of water and conditioner and leaving it in four big braids overnight. I definitely recommend this hair for quality and longevity.

 mary straight hair weave

My experiment about how to keep your Brazilian straight hair extensions sleek and straight.

When brushing…Brush your hair regularly to keep it tangle-free but do it gently as careless brushing can cause the extensions to shred. Brush your Brazilian human hair only when it’s dry and do this by carefully untangling the strands around the bottom, and then brushing from the top. Hold your hair securely at the top as you detangle from the tips up. Use widely-spaced bristles or a wide-toothed comb.

When washing…Give your Brazilian human hair full shampoo and conditioning every 4-5 days. Avoid over washing as this can loosen the extensions’ anchor (bonds) and will also dry out the hair quicker. Invest on a shampoo with good neutral PH, ranging from PH 6-7. Detangle your hair before washing, not during as this promotes shedding. If you don’t have a PH neutral shampoo, dilute your regular shampoo in warm water and apply it on your hair on a downward motion. When rinsing, tilt your head back, not forward and avoid directly washing the bond. Do not massage your hair as this can weaken the bonds. When applying conditioner, comb it in with a wide-toothed comb on the way up, avoiding the weft/bond.

When drying…Wrap your hair together in the towel to keep it from tangling. Leave it that way for about 5-10 minutes until water is absorbed. If you can’t avoid using the hair dryer, put it in a medium-low heat at speed setting, and attach a diffuser if possible.

mary straight hair weave