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Maybe you sleep with your hair weave for a long time, and your Brazilian body wave hair is not curly well.You don’t have enough to pay for a new one. You can do something to your hair and bring it back to life and take on an altogether new aspect, So here you will learn how to bring your hair bake to life again.

brazilian curly hair

Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb, do this when your hair is still dry.Comb in the wet condition will damage its origin state and make it difficult to recover.Comb your hair gently from tip to top.

You can deep condition hair in a plastic bag, add a generous amount of conditioner to the warm water, and add a small amount of conditioner to each hair piece, and massage your hair gently till it becomes soft and smooth.

virgin remy curly hair

Then soak it for about 3 hours, after the soak rinses your curly hair carefully, make sure the top of the tracks are rinsed off first and rinse off the rest part.Remember don’t detangle your curly hair with your fingers, it will cause the hair to become knotty and frizzy.

After you deep condition rinses off deep conditioner and lets the hair air dry. It’s imperative that you let your hair dry because blow drying the hair will dry it out.Air-dry your curly hair overnight, give it enough time to recover its state. Lay the hair on a flat and dry surface overnight.

curly hair

Next use a liquid shine or light serum oil, I like Design Essentials Reflections Liquid Shine or Moroccan Oil. Place some serum oil or liquid shine in your hands not a lot and rub into the weave hair.

Brazilian curly hair can help you to add the volume of hair and also can bring you various styles, if you want straight hair, you also can flat it with a flatten iron, if your hair is human hair because human hair is more healthy and can be treated just as your own hair. But it also needs care and condition especially you wear it every day, if you take your hair seriously, your hair will present you with a good condition.