Different colors of human hair can make you so attractive in a crowd. Many customers also ask our workers if they can dye their human hair weave if they want a different color? Good question! The answer is yes, you can dye it as it is your own hair. Because all of the hair weaves, hair extensions, hair closures, and hair wigs from Nadula company are made from real human hair, and the raw materials come from different countries. 

Brazilian human hair weave is very popular with Africa American women. They also buy Brazilian hair weaves 3 bundles or 4 bundles with a hair closure or a lace frontal together. Except, We also have Indian human hair, Peruvian human hair, and Malaysian human hair with different lengths and curvatures. You will see body waves, deep waves, curly, loose waves, natural waves and straight hair weaves in our shop with different colors. The main color is natural black in common.

As the products are all real human hair, in fact, you can do anything with it like your own hair. For example, you can cut it when you are aware of it is too long. You can straighten it when you are bored with curly hair. You can curl it when you want to make your hair charming. Also, you can dye it when you do like the color now. We are sure to tell you that you can dye it with any color according to your preference.

How to dye your hair weaves?

Just like with your natural hair, avoid harsh chemicals. The harsh chemical dye will damage your hair and even your health. So you should buy hair dye from the formal drugstore, hair salon, or supermarket. And you must check the dye you bought whether have the registered number of the approval. The is important for your health.

Dye it step by step

1. The preparation work is to wash and dry the hair weave in the air naturally. Then comb it gently with a wide-tooth comb in order to avoid shedding

2. To prepare the hair color mixture. Before proceeding with this step, ensure that your hands are well protected by wearing rubber gloves. Follow the usage instructions that came with the hair color and developer before pouring them into the applicator bottle. Close the applicator bottle and shake it well until you are sure that everything is thoroughly mixed.

3. Put the mixed dye on hair weaves. You need to comb it to ensure all the dye is coated evenly on the hair. Then cover the hair weaves with aluminum foil once you finish applying the dye. Let the color set into the hair for some time as specified on the color box. This step involves rinsing excess hair color from the weaves.

To ensure faster and more thorough removal of color, use warm water when rinsing the hair weaves. After all the dye is gone, shampoo the extensions and apply a conditioner. You can comb through the hair gently after applying the conditioner to straighten the hair.

4. To rinse the colored hair weave using cold water to get rid of the conditioner.

5. The last step is to dry it. Air drying preserves moisture and leaves hair looking shinier. If you are in a hurry you can speed up the process by using a diffuser or a blow drier to dry the hair weaves.

Beautiful color has present in front of you. Please do not forget to share your experience with your friends. If you want to buy good quality human hair weave or other hair products, I advise you to go to Nadula.com.Thanks.