What do you think of when you hear Billie Eilish’s name? Her music? Her honor? Or her fashion style? In fact, as the winner of the 7 Grammy Awards, everything about the popular American singer and songwriter Billie Eilish has attracted the attention of the media and people.

Regarding styling, Billie Eilish is always unique regardless of her dress or hairstyle. Because of her always colored hair, some people can't help wondering that Does Billie Eilish wear a wig?”, “Is Billie Eilish wearing a wig?” There are also some people who want to get Billie Eilish’s blue wig and Billie Eilish’s wig of green. So whether or not Eilish wears a wig, this is what we are going to discuss today——Billie Eilish's hairstyle fashion.

Does Billie Eilish Wear a Wig?

Different from the common brown, blonde, and black hair that we usually see, Billie's hair always catches the public’s sight in green or blue most of the time, sometimes it is black, and of course it is blonde recently. Her hair color is so changeable, does she wear a wig?

In fact, Billie has worn a wig once. The surprising event attracted many medias attention. At the Grammy Awards in 2021, Billie still attended the award ceremony with her signature black and green hair with her hat and a series of headpieces.

But her eagle-eyed fans suspected she was wearing a wig. This idea was later confirmed by Bi Li herself. Billie posted an Instagram stating that she indeed wore a wig at the ceremony and first revealed her new platinum blonde hair color. This incident caused a great sensation on the Internet.

Billie wears the wig to hide her blonde hair. According to her, it took about six weeks to dye her hair blonde. And on the day of the Grammy Awards, she covered the edge of the wig with a hat and a series of headpieces so that few people could find that she was wearing a wig that day.

Billie Eilish Hair Color

Billie's hair color has always been one of her fashion icons. For Billie’s unique fashion style, ELLE once commented “The chameleonic nature of her style reflects the same seductive twists and turns that color her output as a musician: both angsty and wildly artistic, humorous and deeply heartfelt, personal and universal. " Next, lets take a look at the changes in Billies hair color since 2017.

1. Billie Eilishs natural hair

Because she always appears in the public's field of vision with various hair colors, some people may wonder what Billie Eilishs natural hair color is. Billie uploaded a photo of her youth. I can see from the picture that her real hair is light brown.

2. Gray Hair

This is the picture that Billie uploaded on ins in 2017Gray hair is not only for this period, including later, gray hair also often appears.

3. Smokey Gray

Billies smoky gray hair was darker than the first hair. This straight hair looks very soft and smooth, which is really a stunning look.

4. Blue Hair

Blue seems to have always been loved by many people. And blue hair is becoming more and more popular, bright blue can easily catch others’ sight. It will definitely be the finishing touch to your overall outfits. Bi Li's blue hair is really advanced and fashionable. And in this photo, Billie with blue hair also looks very cute!

5. Black Hair

As a classic all-match color, black is a hair color that is worth trying. Although usually Billies hair is colored, this jet black hair matches her unique style perfectly.

6. Roots Neon Green

The black hair with green roots seemed to last a long time. Few people would choose to dye their hair roots in neon green. This is definitely a very bold decision. But Billie Eilishs green hair will never be disappointingThe neon green hair is just like created for Billie exclusively. What a stunning look!

7. Blond Hair

The last one is Billie Eilishs blond hair, which is also the current hair color. When talking about why she faded her iconic green locks, she said “I wanted anonymity.” After all, the green hair is always very conspicuous. In fact, the blond hair makes her look amazing and gorgeous. It turns out that Billie can easily control any hair color.


Billie Eilish tries to be "really different from a lot of people" and dresses opposite to what others wear. She is always unique including her dress and her hair.

If you have ever thought of getting colored hair and changing your hairstyle, I hope you can get some inspiration from Billie Eilish. Never mind others’ thoughts. Just be yourself, do what you want to do, and be who you dream to be. If you have some ideas about your hair color, welcome to discuss them in the comment section.